West Coast History of Science Society Meeting  2002


Friday, April 12, Room 474, Laurel Heights Campus, UCSF, 3333 California Street. map

8:00 to 8:45 juice, coffee and rolls

8:45 - 9:00 welcome

9:00 -11:15 Session I

New Resources for Thinking about the History of Physics

Chair: Cathy Carson, UC Berkeley

11:30 - 1:00 Session II

Adventures in Medieval Medicine

Chair: Jessica Riskin, Stanford University

  • Amy Lindgren, UC Davis, Violent Erections and Suffocating Wombs: Gendered Sexual Dysfunctions in Medieval Spain
  • Ralph Drayton, UC Davis, Mediating between the Celestial and the Mundane:  Medicine and Religion at Late Medieval Montpellier

  • 1:00 - 2:00 lunch

    2:30 - 4:30 Session III

    Theory, Practice and Diffusion of Natural Science in the 17th and 18th Centuries

    Chair: Paula Findlen, Stanford University

  • Chen Hongxi, UC Berkeley, The Active Role of the Chinese Scientific Tradition in the Assimilation of Foreign Sciences Exemplified by the Reform of the Calendar at the End of the Ming Dynasty
  • Celeste Chamberland, UC Davis, Women's Hands and the Art of Surgery in Seventeenth-Century London
  • John McCaskey, Stanford University, History of the Word "Fact": Why Did "Fact" Acquire its New Meaning in the 1720's?
  • Paula Findlen, Stanford University, The Scientist's Body: The Nature of a Woman Philosopher in Enlightenment Italy
  • 4:45 - 7:00 Session IV

    Environmental Hazards and the Re-Engineering of Nature

    Chair: Ernest Hook, UC Berkeley

  • Joshua Dunsby, UC San Francisco, Objectiying Smog: Initial Air Pollution Research Programs in Southern California
  • Ernest Hook, UC Berkeley, The Limits of Science and the Construction of Human Disease: The "Love Canal" Episode and its Consequences
  • Gabriela Soto Laveaga, UC San Francisco, Steroids and Exclusion: Learning to Use Chemistry to Redefine a New, Modern "Mexican" Peasantry (1970-1977)
  • Alex Wellerstein, UC Berkeley, The Organization of Compulsory Sterilization and Eugenics in California, 1909-1950
  • Monika Kurath, ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen, Asilomar and the Ongoing Debates on Biotechnology in Europe and in the U.S.
  • 7:00 - 7:45 cocktails

    Saturday, April 13, Skyline Room, 2nd Floor, Laurel Heights Campus, UCSF, 3333 California Street map

    8:15 - 9:00 juice, coffee and rolls

    9:00 -11:00 Session V

    Institutional Studies in the History of Science

    Chair: Robert Frank, UCLA

  • Robert Frank, UCLA, Thinking About Laboratories : 19th Century Germany and America
  • Ki Won Han, UC Berkeley, From Biology to Oceanography: The Formation of Oceanography at the Scripps Institution
  • Asa Anderson, UC Berkeley, Research Management at UCB in the 1960's: Freedom or Control of the Researcher?
  • Takahiro Ueyama, Stanford University, Starting Up a Science-Based Medicine: Instrumentation of Radiation Therapy and the Formation of Stanford University Medical Center, 1952-1970
  • 11:15 - 12:45 Session VI

    Science, Technology, Society and Business

    Chair: Jessica Riskin, Stanford University

  • Alex Pang, Institute for the Future, The Business of STS
  • A. Aneesh, Stanford University, Neither Bureaucratic nor Panoptic: Algocratic Modes of Power
  • 12:30 - 2:15 lunch

    2:15 - 3:45 Session VI

    Public Health in the 20th Century

    Chair: Warwick Anderson, UC San Francisco

  • Eric Boyle, UC Santa Barbara, Beyond Mirage and Magic Bullets: Redefining Health in the 1960's
  • Nicholas King, UCSF, Bioterroism, Surveillance, and American Public Health at Millennium's End

  • 4:00 - 6:15 Session VII

    Philosophy, Psychology, Quantification and the Study of Populations

    Chair: Nicholas King, UC San Francisco

  • Eduardo Wilner, University of Alaska, Darwin's Experimental Unveiling of the Nature of Heritable Variation
  • Gabriel Wolfenstein, UCLA, The Effects of "Numbering the People": The Cultural Impact of Censuses and Statistics on the Popular Imagination
  • Richard von Mayrhauser, UC Berkeley, How Intellectual "Intelligence"? Defining and Testing Mentality in Early 20th Century Psychology
  • Schachar Link, Stanford University, Intelligence, Science and Power: The Stanford-Binet IQ Test and the Definition of Intelligence in the Twentieth Century
  • Susan Marie Groppi, UC Berkeley, Emerson Hall and Philosophical Psychology: a Unified Home for a Unified Science
  • 7:00 banquet dinner

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