MS&E MS Core Course Substitutions

MS students who have completed any of the following courses at Stanford, may make the following MS&E MS core course substitions:

  • MS&E 111/ENGR 62 Introduction to Optimization: students may substitute any MS&E 21x or MS&E 31x course for MS&E 211 Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
  • MS&E 121 Introduction to Stochastic Modeling: students may substitute any MS&E 22x or MS&E 32x course for MS&E 221 Stochastic Modeling
  • ECON 51 Economic Analysis II: students may substitute MS&E 243 or MS&E 248 for MS&E 241 Economic Analysis
  • MS&E 152 Introduction to Decision Analysis: students may substitute MS&E 352 or 452 for MS&E 252 Decision Analysis I.
  • MS&E 140 Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs: students may substitute MS&E 276 for MS&E 240 Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs*
  • MS&E 142 Introductory Financial Analysis: students may substitute MS&E 342, MS&E 347, MS&E 444, or MS&E 445 for MS&E 242 Investment Science*
  • MS&E 260 Introduction to Operations Management: students may substitute any MS&E 26x course for MS&E 261 Inventory Control and Production Systems
  • MS&E 180 Organizations: Theory and Management: students may substitute MS&E 283 for MS&E 280 Organizational Behavior: Evidence in Action

MS students who have completed courses equivalent to the above courses may petition similar substitutions using the Graduate Course Waiver/Substitution Petition.

* Please keep in mind that you may only count one course for core in the MS&E 240/242 area. Other courses taken in this area may be used toward an economics and finance concentration, or as an elective course.