Graduate Admissions for Current Stanford Graduate Students

applying to the Master of Science program in Management Science and Engineering

Please submit your completed application to Juanita Winkleman in the Huang Engineering Center, Suite 114, no later than 5pm on January 13, 2015 for the master program. We have an early review for all completed grad auth master applications received by 5pm on October 7, 2014. Applications are not reviewed between April and November.

You should include:





    Please submit a photocopy or original transcript showing completion of each previous degree.


    from your advisor or other Stanford faculty members. If your application is being reviewed during your first quarter at Stanford (i.e. an early applicant to the MS program), you may instead ask your current department to foward us the letters of recommendation from your original application for graduate study at Stanford.


    Please complete an MS&E Masters Program Proposal. List the courses you think you'd like to take for the degree; we understand that they may change. You will be able to make revisions to your proposal in your final quarter as a master student. It is not necessary to get an advisor's signature on the proposal until after you are admitted.

We recommend that you do not submit the online Graduate Authorization Petition until after we have completed our review. You will be charged a $125 application fee for any submission of an online Graduate Authorization Petition, regardless of the decision.

Decisions will be made by mid-March. We will review completed early applications in November and December, but in some cases we will need to review the whole application pool to determine which are the top applicants.

Current Stanford graduate students wishing to apply to the Doctor of Philosophy program in Management Science and Engineering should apply online using the directions for New Students.

It is not necessary, however, to resend hard copies of your transcripts, or your official test scores, as we already have your official transcripts and test scores from the first time you applied.

Don't forget to add your current Stanford degree onto your application.