MSandE Department Transcript Instructions

General Instructions

List each post-secondary degree program separately on your application. Do not include high schools. You must upload a transcript from each post-secondary institution you attended for at least one year as a full-time student, and send two original official transcripts.

If you attended a school for less than one year full-time, you are not required to list the school on your application. However, if you would like to include a school you attended for less than one year full-time, you may. Please be consistent. If you list the school on your application, you must upload a transcript and send two original official transcripts. If you do not intend to send us the official transcripts, do not list the school on your application.

Please create one file for each degree program (please see technical requirements). This must include, in english only, each page of the transcript, plus any non-4.0 grading scale documentation (often on the bottom or back of the transcript), verification of any degree completion (often on the transcript of US institutions, or on a certificate of completion or diploma from international institutions), and certificate of rank (if available).

If you have one transcript for multiple degrees, upload the same document for each degree.

Do not upload any foreign language documents.

Degrees Currently in Progress

Please send the official transcripts for degrees currently in progress only once, at the time of application. Do not send updated copies at the completion of the Autumn Quarter.

If you have not yet completed any courses in your current degree, please upload a list of the courses in which you are currently enrolled.

If you are admitted, and accept admission, you will be asked to send final transcripts showing completion of your current degree.