Stanford University Management Science & Engineering Industry Affiliates Program

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The MS&E Industry Affiliates Program directly connects corporations with our department’s vast resources: renowned faculty, cutting-edge research centers and a thriving student community.  It is a partnership with industry designed to assist organizations in meeting their challenges while expanding educational and employment opportunities for our students.

MS&E Mission:

To conduct research and provide education associated with the development of the knowledge, tools, and methods required to make decisions and shape policies, configure organizational structures, design engineering systems, and solve operational problems associated with the information-intensive, technology-based economy.

Research in the MS&E department focuses on understanding the problems involved in the engineering aspects of managing systems and technologies, creating appropriate problem formulations and solutions, and providing relevant decision support.

We have vigorous interaction with other Stanford departments, Silicon Valley, State and Federal governments and various global organizations and corporations.

MS&E is an interdisciplinary department focusing on 8 research areas:

  • Organizations, Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Economics and Finance
  • Decision Analysis and Risk Analysis
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Systems Modeling and Optimization
  • Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Information Science and Technology

Programs in the research areas emphasize both fundamental concepts and practical applications.

Research in these areas is facilitated by the following department centers and workgroups:

  • The Center for Work, Technology, and Organization (WTO)
  • Energy Modeling Forum
  • Operations Research @ Stanford
  • Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum
  • Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)
  • Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL)

MS&E graduates have pursued successful careers in entrepreneurship, consulting, investment banking, enterprise management, financial analysis, government policy analysis, industrial research, line management, product development, project management, strategic planning, and university teaching and research. 

Close associations with industry enrich the programs by providing opportunities to apply MS&E methods to important problems and by motivating new theoretical developments from practical experience.