Industry Affiliates Program Members

Current Members:


American Express

Beijing Buton Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

China Electric Power
Research Institute

Oracle America, Inc.

TCL Mobile Communication

Wells Fargo Bank










Many practical optimization problems are non-convex with discrete decision variables, and Oracle Labs is researching new technology for these problems to incorporate in our product portfolio. Our collaboration with Stanford faculty and students through the affiliates program has been very valuable in our research. Their knowledge of the problem domain, algorithms, current research, and benchmarks, along with their consulting on our approach, has saved us a great deal of time and effort and improved our time to market for this research.

Alan Wood
Senior Director
Oracle Labs

The experience and expertise of the Stanford faculty members we have worked with has been invaluable. They have been generous with their time and enthusiastic partners as we have worked through a number of issues including large scale optimization, auctions, and uncertainty. We have also had extremely positive experiences working with students that we have met and hired as part of the affiliate program.

Rob Luenberger
Chief Scientist
AOL Platforms


We value the access to professors and students for help ranging from a quick question on analytical techniques to full blown consulting projects. The program has also provided us with summer interns, two of whom have become valued team members.

Matthew Raphaelson
Executive Vice President Head of Strategic Planning & Finance
Wells Fargo Bank Community Banking Group
San Francisco, CA


There are many complex problems that can be effectively addressed through creative quantitative approaches in day to day business. Stanford University and its Affiliate Visitor Program allow our employees to be exposed to these methods of problem solving and apply them in every facet of our business. Samsung Card also places great value on access to the school's distinguished cadre of professors and students, when tackling business issues that are more extensive and which require approaches and techniques at the fore-front of research today.

Jaeyung Huh
Team Manager
Samsung Card CRM Planning Team
South Korea