Annika Butler-Wall / Affect Theory; Media Studies; Digital Humanities; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Neoliberalism
Maria Cichosz / Literary Theory and History, Art History, Allegory, History of Ideas, Postmodern and Contemporary Fiction
Corey Dansereau / Phenomenology, 20th Century Literature, Drugs, Anthropotechnics
Joshua De Leon / Race and ethnicity; public policy; diasporic and resistance art; poetry; social justice movements; international politics
Jamie M. Fine / Contemporary Young Adult Literature; Law and Literature; Legal Theory; Social Justice; Critical Citizenship; Law and Society
Cynthia Garcia / Chicanx Literary and Cultural Production, Transamerican Literature, (De)Coloniality, Space and Place, Women of Color Feminisms.
Luz Jimenez Ruvalcaba / Women of Color Feminism; Trauma and Survival; Place, Belonging, and Dwelling; Poetry
Corey Johnson / American Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Anthropology and Travel, Globalization
Jonathan Leal / Race and Ethnicity, Border Poetics, Ethnomusicology and Sound Studies, Decolonial Thought, Improvisation Studies
Melanie Leon / Central American Migration; Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Maria McVarish / Spatial Practice, Design, Digital Humanities, Communication
Juan Pablo Melo / Urban cultural studies, critical geography, Critical Theory, history and theory of design and architecture, architecture and design discourses, urban political economy and urbanization, literary theory, social theory, philosophy.
Calvin Miaw / Race and Ethnicity, Political and Social Thought, Social Movements
Krishna Murali / Human Rights; Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies
Umniya Najaer / African and African Diaspora Literature; Black Studies; War on Terror; Ethnic Studies; Performance Studies; Poetry
Juliana Nalerio / humanities, critical theory, hemispheric & transatlantic studies, historiography & narrative, race, violence
David Stentiford / Discourses of Anthropogenic Change and Intervention; Environmental Humanities; Anthropological Theory and the Environment; Science, Technology, and Society
Max Suechting / Popular culture, Electronic music, Science fiction, Posthumanism, Film/media studies
Nina Varsava / Applied Ethics, Legal Theory, Law and Philosophy
Cristopher Vazquez Muñoz / Race and Ethnicity, Decolonial Thought, Narrative, Queer of Color Critique
Paul Wallace / Game Studies, Critical Theory, Performance Studies, Space, Identity, Consciousness
Kristin Wilson / Critical Theory, Comparative Cosmology, Mimesis, Transgression, Liminality, Hybridity, Poetry