Andres Garza


Areas of Interest
Phenomenology, Social Epistemology, Critical Race Theory, Film


Considered most broadly, I am interested in looking at how distortions in our knowledge practices – whether in the form of ignorance, bias, false representation or structural inequality – contribute to unproductive discourse. Specifically, I look at ignorance, and its role in the formation of racial identity. Building on work in “epistemology of ignorance” I examine dynamic forms of ignorance – in the sense that the ignorance is actively produced and/or sustained – and I pay careful attention to its role in the oppression, domination and exploitation of others, whether consciously or unconsciously, systemically or individually. In addition to examining this dynamic form of ignorance in terms of our quotidian knowledge practices, our collective body of knowledge, and the resulting development of minds, I am also interested in looking at cinematic manifestations of racial ignorance, and all its psychological, epistemological, and ethical repercussions.

I am currently a Graduate Fellow for the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. I also hold a BA in Film Studies, an MFA in Film Production, and an MA in Philosophy.