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Yacht and Boat Prices: Rough Guide

Boat and Yacht Prices: Rough Guide
(created by Christopher Butler, Stanford University Office of Development Research)

Length (Feet) Price Range (Low –High) Price Range (Average Range) Price Range** (Top)
*Under 30’ $19K-$90K $35K-$60K $100K+
31’-35’ $45K-$250K $75K-$125K $250K+
36’-40’ $60K-$300K $125K-200K $330K+
41’-45’ $250K-$550K $350K-$450K $700K+
46’-50’ $290K-$750K $400K-$600K $1M+
50’-60’ $650K-$3M $1.5M-$2.5M $4M+
60’-70’ $1M-$4M $1.5M-$2.5M $5.9M+
70’-80’ $1M-$5M $2.5M-$3.5M $6M+
80’-100’ $3M-$10M $4M-$7M $14M+
100’-200’ $8M-$24M $10M-$18M $26M+
200’+ -289’Perini Navi 2006 for sale for $162M (Name: “Maltese Falcon”)

-282’ Alpha Marine 2005 for $137M

NOTES: *According to various yachting resources, a “small” boat is typically under 30 feet in length.
**In addition to Length, a yacht's price is dependent on Year, Make/Model, and Type (Sail, Motor Yacht, Super Yacht, Passenger, Commercial, Power, High Performance, etc). Sailboats are generally cheaper than Motor Yachts, but this is not always the case.
***Above prices are based on yachts currently on the market (market value as of 10/2/09).
To find prices on various yachts