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How do I access this stuff off campus?

A number of the databases and news sources mentioned on this site may require user and password info. Stanford has paid for campus-wide access to some of these. If a Stanford user, you can access on campus by authentication (with Stanford user/password), or by EZ Proxy, which still requires that you authenticate yourself as a Stanford user.

If technically minded, you can also configure your browser to use a Stanford proxy server, which works more seamlessly than going through EZ Proxy. In some cases you may also need to use VPN to connect

Just to be clear, our Development Research website is not offering any free access to databases that normally require payment. Sorry! If you work at some other institution and the database links on this website work for you, it's probably because your organization has contracted with the database providers -- just as Stanford has.

Caution: Never enter your Stanford password on a web page unless that page’s address bar points to Only authorized Stanford users are permitted to use computer networks and systems of Stanford University.