School's out,
is in.

It may be summer, but Stanford students are still busy. Their experiences outside the classroom complement the financial aid, academics, and student groups you support through The Stanford Fund.

What's in This Summer?

Stanford students are doing amazing things this summer, like pursuing internships, performing research, traveling internationally, and more. Here are just a few of the things that students, who receive support through The Stanford Fund during the school year, are up to this summer.

School's out,
 software engineering is in.

"Last summer I interned at Facebook through Facebook University for Engineering, an internship program specifically for freshmen from underrepresented backgrounds in computer science." Read more...


"This summer, I will return to Facebook as a full-fledged Software Engineer intern." Daniela Daza Gonzalez, '19
Stanford Fund Scholarship Recipient


School's out,
 interning is in.

"Last summer, I worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. It was exciting because I got to lead my own project with a small team to create a payload to safely and cleanly bring rock samples from Mars back to Earth." Read more...


"By the end of the summer, we successfully delivered a better design architecture than a competing contractor, which meant three summer interns beat an entire company of established engineers!" Tony Hua '18,
Stanford Fund Scholarship Recipient


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School's out,
 Cardinal Service is in.

"This summer, I will be working with the World Wildlife Fund in Jakarta, Indonesia to help draft interventions in the palm oil sector to meet Indonesia's sustainable development goals. I am excited to meet new people, hike through dense rainforests, and learn through my job!" Read more...


"Summer is a time to immerse yourself in something on a daily basis. It's also good to travel, live independently, connect with people in different places, slow down, relax, and spend time with friends and family. To me, summer really is an irreplaceable time in my Stanford journey." Mansi Jain, '19


School's out,
 animals are in.

"Last summer, I worked as a great apes intern where I was able to interact with orangutans, gibbons, and colobus monkeys." Read more...


"This summer, I will do research for my honors thesis in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I will visit eight zoos around the country to conduct a survey of employees and visitors about conservation education." Mireille Bejjani, '18


School's out,
 Cardinal Service is in.

"Last summer I volunteered at a hospital near my hometown in Guyana with the International Children's Heart Foundation. I will never forget my first day. I pictured myself in scrubs, watching a thrilling procedure and maybe being asked to do something important, like pass the scalpel..." Read more...


" Instead, I wiped down dusty machines in the unused ward all day. Nonetheless, I look back on that moment with pride for getting my hands dirty and starting from the ground up. The experiences of that summer solidified my desire to go to med school, as well as to keep public service as a major part of my time here at Stanford." Riasoya Jodah, '19
Stanford Fund Scholarship Recipient


School's out,
 imaging DNA is in.

"This summer, I will be working with an assistant professor of developmental biology to find better ways of imaging DNA in living cells." Read more...


"Summers are a perfect avenue for gaining industry experience, learning what types of careers I might and might not enjoy pursuing in the future. Summer allows me to reflect on the past year and learn more about what I want my life to be like after Stanford." Zack Cinquini, '19


School's out,
 teaching abroad is in.

"Last summer I went to Bangalore, India and did an AI internship. This summer I will intern at a refugee center in Cape Town teaching refugees to code." Read more...


"I think it will give me experience working with computer science in a real-life environment and teach me about how other parts of the world work." Andrew Quirk, '19


School's out,
 teamwork is in.

"Last summer I worked at the NASA Ames Research Center as part of the International Genetically Engineered Machine Team. We synthesized a biological balloon that could be used to aid rovers with (extra)terrestrial atmospheric exploration and were awarded a gold medal for the best measurement project." Read more...


" My internship experiences have convinced me to pursue a career in biotechnology with the aim of improving health. Summer is a great break from the classroom to put our learning into practice." Michael Becich, '18


School's out,
 doing it all is in.

"We Stanford students are lucky to have an unusually long summer "break." This means we have the opportunity to develop ourselves academically and professionally..." Read more...


"...and still catch some R&R! This summer I will be able to join the Stanford Symphony Orchestra on their tour through Mexico and Cuba, intern at the Center for Justice and Accountability, study for and take the LSAT, and visit family back home in Puerto Rico...all in one summer. Thanks, Stanford!" Julian Bava, '18
Stanford Fund Scholarship Recipient


School's out,
 helping children is in.

"I like to apply what I've gained from Stanford in a meaningful way over the summer. Last summer I was a Chappell-Lougee scholar and researched the support systems of low-income children in a preschool in Austin, Texas." Read more...


"This summer, I received a UAR grant to research the parent-teacher relationship. These two experiences solidified my interest in my concentration in human biology: inequalities in children's health. As a pediatrician, I will be able to integrate the different facets of a child's life into the total view of their health." Erin Hawley, '18
Stanford Fund Scholarship Recipient


School's out,
 cultural studies are in.

"This summer I will be interning for a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai through the Stanford Global Studies internship program. Afterwards, I will stay with a host family in Tokyo to learn about Japanese culture." Read more...


"This summer will be a taste of working and living abroad in East Asia. Summer is the perfect time to experience new places and to expand my horizons." Madeleine Yip, '20


Those Were the Days

Many Stanford alumni still look back fondly on their favorite Stanford summer. Here are just a few highlights from summers gone by. Do you have your own favorite Stanford summer memory? We'd love to hear about it! Please share your memories. See the "Share Your Stanford Summer Story" box below.

School was out,
 campus fun was in.

"My favorite Stanford summer was in 1990 when I lived in a share-house on Stanford Ave and worked at The Stanford Daily. Most memorable was time spent with friends, being young and goofing around..." Read more...

"...weekend trips down to Santa Cruz, pick-up basketball games on campus, and leaving the Daily one night at around midnight to drive up and fish at Pacifica Pier." Nick Orum, '91

School was out,
 Dollies were in.

"My favorite Stanford summer was after my freshman year in 1988. I was a Dollie in The Stanford Marching Band. We spent two weeks touring Australia for the World's Fair. " Read more...

"Our music and dancing made everyone happy, from the Australians to the tourists from all over the world. It was a magical summer representing Stanford overseas and being a Dollie on the Farm before football season started!" Marsi Lindersmith Gorman, '91

School was out,
 new experiences were in.

"My favorite Stanford summer was 1979, when a woman engineer in the class ahead of me helped me get a summer job at Chase Manhattan Bank in NYC. I spent the summer living in the dorms at NYU with students from all over the country, taking the subway downtown, hanging out in Washington Square Park and Studio 54, and learning the ways of Wall Street." Read more...

"My advice to current students is to look for something that you never thought you could do, and do it." Donna Novitsky, '81

School was out,
 field study was in.

"My favorite Stanford summer was when I worked as a field assistant to a primatologist in Iguazu, Argentina. I worked with local Argentines following a troop of black-capped capuchin monkeys through Iguazu National Park every day for two months." Read more...

"Following my fieldwork, I participated in the Sophomore College: "Darwin, Evolution, and the Galapagos Islands." Taking the course, taught by Bill Durham, was one of the most educational and exciting few weeks of my life." Ilan Kolkowitz, '11

School was out,
 Washington, DC was in.

"I spent my most memorable summer break in Washington, DC completing an Eben Tisdale Fellowship in High Tech Public Policy. Much like my time on campus, my summer in Washington in 2002 was transformative and marked by intense intellectual and personal development. " Read more...

"It was also my first extended experience in our nation's capital; those ten weeks sparked a lifetime of civic engagement and advocacy. Summer is a brilliant time to expand your horizons with an internship or research project that elevates your thinking, explore a new destination with family and friends, tackle Bill Gates' book recommendations, or advance your plan to become best friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Enjoy!" Lily Sarafan, '03

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Stanford Summer Story

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