Why The Stanford Fund Matters to Students

You can change lives

When you give through The Stanford Fund for Undergraduate Education, you empower students to thrive at Stanford and go on to change the world for the better. Your gifts provide annual, flexible funding for all aspects of the undergraduate experience, and make a difference in the lives of all current students.

You can provide need-based undergraduate financial aid

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Stanford's financial aid policies are among the most comprehensive in higher education. We strive to meet the financial need for every undergraduate who qualifies for assistance, and do so through grants and scholarships, not loans.

81% of graduates leave Stanford with no debt

Graduate Hats
Of the remaining students who do take out loans, the median amount of debt upon graduation is $14,300.

1 in 4 undergraduates benefit from our full-tuition scholarship policy

That means zero-tuition or zero-parent-contribution.

Nearly half of undergraduates receive aid directly from the university

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You can provide even more support through scholarships

Stanford grants scholarships to cover all tuition payments for students whose parents have annual incomes under $125,000. One in four undergraduates benefit from our full-tuition scholarship policy. Additionally, Stanford covers room and board for those below the income threshold of $65,000 a year. Grants and scholarships are available above the $125,000 threshold, as well.

Sam Baucom

"Since coming to Stanford, I have laughed, loved, succeeded, failed, and grown in more ways than I thought I ever could. Stanford really is a special place that transforms people. There is no way that I could have attended Stanford without your support and for that I will be eternally grateful. I want you to know that your gift is truly transforming lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Sam Baucom, '20, TSF Scholarship Recipient

How Gifts Are Used

Gifts through The Stanford Fund supported three main areas

Gifts Through the Stanford Fund

Financial Aid

At a time when educational loans are nearing crisis levels for students elsewhere, you can help more Stanford students graduate with zero debt. In the Class of 2003, more than 40 percent of students graduated with debt, and the median debt was $23,000. In the Class of 2018, only 19 percent graduated with debt, and the median amount was $14,300.

Undergraduate Schools

When you give a gift through The Stanford Fund you support in part the three undergraduate schools: School of Humanities & Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. Your gift will help keep curriculum fresh and interactive, retain excellent faculty, grow interdisciplinary programs, and keep Stanford on the vanguard of undergraduate education.

Diversity and First-Gen Office

1 in 6 is in the first generation of his or her family to attend a four-year university


The "DGen" Office supports students who are the first in their families to attend a four-year college and students who come from a low-income background. DGen seeks to build the capacity of students, faculty, and staff to form authentic connections with people from different backgrounds.

Cardinal Service

Cardinal Service is a bold, university-wide initiative of the Haas Center for Public Service. It is elevating and expanding service as a distinctive feature of a Stanford education. Students can engage in service through coursework and projects, for a single quarter or for a full four years, on campus and beyond.

Office for Military-Affiliated Communities

When you give through The Stanford Fund you help support nearly 100 student veterans. The Office for Military-Affiliated Communities administers VA financial benefits, plans and supports special educational opportunities, and works to ensure Stanford is a welcoming and supportive environment for the entire Stanford veteran community.

Student Groups

You can support more than 100 student-led organizations, including performing arts, public service, and club sports. For many students, these clubs provide a place to make friends, develop new skills, express their creativity, give back, and take a break from rigorous academics.

From Top to Bottom, L to R: Stanford Cheerleading, Cardinal Studios, Talisman, Stanford Vietnamese Student Association, Club Baseball, Basmati Raas, Ram's Head, Taiko, Everyday People, Flying Treehouse, Club Volleyball, Stanford African Students Association

In Their Words: Why They Give

In Their Words:
Why They Give

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