Clinical Professor of Medicine

Clinical Activities:



Research Interests:

Dr. Lillington has had a long interest and career in clinical investigation and is a leader in studying the management of solitary pulmonary nodules. Dr. Lillington was previously Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of California at Davis.

Recent Publications:

Louie S, Lillington GA. Neoplasms of the lung. RC Bone, ed., Current Practice of Medicine. Pulmonary and Critical Care Volume. Current Medicine, Philadelphia (In Press).

Lillington GA. Recent advances in lung cancer. RC Bone and TL Petty, eds., Year Book of Pulmonary Disease 1994. Mosby-Year Book (In Press).

Rizk NW and Lillington GA: Needle, transbronchial, thoracoscopic, or open lungbiopsy in interstitial lung disease. Cur. Opin. in Pulm. Med. 1995, 1:376-382.

Lillington GA. Benign Tumors. JF Murray and JA Nadel, eds., Textbook of Respiratory Medicine (2nd Edition). W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia: 1994.

Education and Training:

University of Manitoba, B.Sc.

University of Minnesota, M.S.

Royal College of Physicians of Canada, F.R.C.P.

American College of Physicians, F.A.C.P.

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