Perry Klebahn

Perry KlebahnPhoto Perry Klebahn is an entrepreneur to the core. He received his Masters from Stanford in the product design program in 1991 and has taught there periodically since 1996. He left Stanford with his degree and his design project – a snowshoe. He turned his project into a business, creating the Atlas Snowshoe Company. His experience taught him several things: you can’t do anything significant on your own, you need a team; and engineering something is not nearly as much fun as marketing what you have engineered. In 2000, Perry sold his snowshoe business and moved to Southern California to run sales and marketing for Patagonia, an outdoor clothing brand. There, he got a chance to market on a global scale, learning to balance the need to drive sales while building a brand with important commitments and a sustainability message. In 2007 he took on a new challenge at Timbuk2, the original bike messenger bag company. As CEO of the San Francisco-based company, Perry focused on delivering custom products and an innovative customer experience. He implemented many techniques used at the at Timbuk2. A founding faculty member of the, Perry teaches classes including: Launchpad, Design Garage, d.Health, and d.leadership. He runs the executive programs for the