Jose Prado

Jose Prado Photo

Jose loves talking about science, especially to non-scientists. He has been involved in science outreach and education since he first learned of the simplicity and beauty of the structure of DNA. Naturally, Jose went on to graduate school at Stanford where he received a M.A. in Education and a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology. His doctoral work focused on understanding how epigenetic regulators control the biology of adult stem cells. For example, when some of these regulators misbehave, stem cells are lost to the detriment of the tissue they normally maintain. Why? How? Well, Jose still doesn’t know, but he hopes his work helped add one more piece to the never-ending puzzle of scientific research. After finishing his Ph.D., Jose moved to St. Louis, MO and joined Monsanto as part of a rotational leadership program, where he’s been doing a number of fun things both close and far from his science background. His year-long rotations have spanned biotechnology regulation and policy, global technology strategy, and development of molecular detection technologies. All of these rotations have complemented each other and contributed to his passion for sustainably and safely increasing food productivity and agricultural efficiency. Jose’s favorite activity is backpacking and talking about how light his backpack is over an open fire under the Milky Way-splattered sky of the Sierra Nevada. When he’s not outdoors, which is more frequent than he’d like, Jose enjoys good beer (peanut butter chocolate milk stout is real and delicious), good music (Tool), and thoughtful discussions involving science, education and politics.