September 27, 2004

Issue No. 66

Table of Contents

Highlights and Features

Grokker at Stanford
CourseWork-Fall 2004
File-Sharing Myths
File-Sharing Resources
IT Open House October 28
Tech Help for Faculty
Essential SU Software
Desktop Computer Security
Security Self-Help Tool
Wireless Access-SU Visitors
SULAIR Home Page Update
SU Course Support Web Site copy

Library Resources

SULAIR Image Collections
SKIL Tutorial Enhanced
Scholars Workshops for Fall
Social Science Data
Literary Studies Database
New Lane Library Web Site
Firing Line TV Program
ArcGIS 9 Available
SSRC Past Events Online
BIOSIS Changes
HighWire Press-New Journals
EuroNews Web Site

Computing News

Accessible Web Pages
AFS Disk Quota Increased
Online Lecture Assessment
Teaching with Technology
Resources for SU Webmasters
ATS Program-New Projects
ATL Project Showcase
Spam Deletion Tool
ITSS Training Services
Training Registration
HelpSU Streamlined
New Webmail Is Here
Printing in Sweet Hall
Sweet Hall Consulting
Mac OS X Migration
PeopleSoft System Upgraded
Bookstore Computer Store
Courselets for SU Community
Sundial Calendar Changes
TeamSpace in Meyer Library
Meyer Classrooms
Meyer Tech Desk Update
Technology Help on Web

Highlights and Features

Grokker Redefines Research at Stanford

The challenge is to encourage broader, deeper exploration and easier management of thousands of search results from a variety of online data and information sources and to offer it in a way that will help Stanford students, faculty and staff researc... Read more

CourseWork: Fall 2004 and Beyond

CourseWork, Stanford's course management system, includes some enhancements this quarter, and work on a new version of CourseWork is in progress. Fall Quarter Enhancements This quarter , it will be easier to set up a CourseWork web site for the co... Read more

File-Sharing: Beware of the Consequences

While life at The Farm was quiet over the summer, the U.S. Senate was actively looking for ways to crack down on unlawful file-sharing. Senators held hearings on two new pieces of legislation: * The Inducing Infringements of Copyright Act of 200... Read more

File-Sharing Myths

Given that the consequences are so high, unlawful file-sharing is not worth the risk. Perhaps it continues in spite of the high risk becaue of some long-standing myths about file-sharing, which need to be debunked: MYTH #1 It's OK for me to downlo... Read more

SU Resources on Copyright and File-Sharing

There are many excellent resources on copyright and file-sharing here at Stanford University. For more information, please see some of those resources: * Residential Computing's file-sharing FAQs * The P... Read more

"Tricks" and "Treats" at the IT Open House

Whether you find technology fun or scary, there will be much to see and learn at the Information Technology Open House on Thursday, October 28 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Tresidder Student Union's Oak Lounge. This annual event, sponsored by... Read more

Help for New (and not so new) Faculty

Stanford has a wealth of information technology resources, but determining how to access these resources requires both knowledge of exactly what one wants and how to find it. A possible starting point is the Computing and Communication web page, a... Read more

Essential Stanford Software Expanded, Updated

Essential Stanford Software (ESS) is a collection of site-licensed and Stanford-developed software programs that ITSS makes available to faculty, staff, and currently registered students, free of charge. This fall, the collection includes some impor... Read more

Stanford Desktop Computer Security Continues to Improve

About a year ago, in late July and throughout August of 2003, Stanford and the rest of the Internet-connected world were hit by a devastating series of computer viruses and "worms" that attacked the Microsoft Windows operating system. The bad memori... Read more

Security Self-Help Tool 2.1 For PCs Released

After last summer's plague of computer viruses on Windows computers, an ITSS team quickly put together a Security Self-Help tool that users could run on their PCs to determine whether recommended settings were in place to reduce vulnerability to kno... Read more

Campus Wide Wireless Access for Stanford Visitors

Stanford hosts many visitors on any given day. Some come to campus as potential students with their families, some are vendors on campus for meetings, some are alumni back to see how things have changed. A request that ITSS has heard repeatedly is:... Read more

SULAIR Home Page: A Gateway to Information and Resources

The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) home page continues to be the gateway to a rich array of information and resources, which can assist you in your teaching, learning and research: http://library.stanford.... Read more

Stanford Course Support Web Site

Various Stanford computing groups offer electronic resources and services that instructors can use for their courses. These resources and services are collected on the web at: Instructors can go to that site to find ... Read more