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  DreamWeaver MX Training for SU/LAIR Staff  

DreamWeaver CD-ROM CBT Content Outline

I. Using Basic DW MX Tools (5 hrs., average of 20-30 mins per lesson). RECOMMENDED

1.The DreamWeaver MX basic interface
Defining a Local Site in DreamWeaver MX
Creating a new document in DreamWeaver MX
Creating a website in DreamWeaver MX

2. Adding content to a website
Formatting a web page in Dreamweaver MX
Using lists and characters in Dreamweaver MX
Text and document properties in Dreamweaver MX
Simulation (requires shockwave plugin)

3. Creating web links
Adding links to a page using Dreamweaver MX
Using named and e-mail links in Dreamweaver MX

4. Working with graphics
Adding images with Dreamweaver MX
Modifying images with Dreamweaver MX
Adding Flash objects into Dreamweaver MX

II. Structuring web pages with DW MX (2hrs 40 min) RECOMMENDED
1. Using tables for web design
Structuring data with tables in Dreamweaver MX
Designing in Layout view with Dreamweaver MX

2. Working with templates and libraries
Using site templates with Dreamweaver MX
Using the site library in Dreamweaver MX

III. Using Advanced DreamWeaver Tools (7hrs. 40 mins)
1. Using Forms
Creating a form in Dreamweaver MX
Processing form data in Dreamweaver MX

2. Using Frames and framesets
Using frames and framesets in Dreamweaver MX
Changing frames and framesets in Dreamweaver MX
Creating links and noframes content in Dreamweaver MX

3. Using Cascading Style Sheets RECOMMENDED
Creating Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver MX
Custom styles and CSS selector styles in Dreamweaver MX
Attaching style sheets in Dreamweaver MX
Embedded styles and CSS inheritance in Dreamweaver MX

4. Working with interactive page elements
Using behaviors in Dreamweaver MX
Working with rollovers in Dreamweaver MX
Adding a jump menu in Dreamweaver MX
Using layers in Dreamweaver MX

5. Testing a site and maintaining and uploading files RECOMMENDED
Site testing in Dreamweaver MX
File maintenance in Dreamweaver MX
Connecting to a remote web site with Dreamweaver MX
Using find and replace in Dreamweaver MX


Schedule of DreamWeaver Classes offered by ITSS

Jan 7 : ITSS DreamWeaver Lite. Contact: mdonoghue@stanford

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Walk-in Class Schedule

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