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  DreamWeaver MX Training for SU/LAIR Staff  

Training: How to use this site

This phase of DreamWeaver training is specific to addressing the needs of having to migrate SUL web content to a newly re-designed site. This site supplements whatever format of training you have received from ITSS. Its purpose is to amplify the features that Media Solutions have implemented and to serve as a handy reviewer or cheat sheet that is always available via the web.

The site will also hold a DreamWeaver's forum, where users can exchange notes, post tips, offer troubleshooting tips. We will evaluate the usefulness of this option as we go along.

Walk-in Classes

Walk in classes will be held at the Green Library IC classroom. The duration of the class will be no more than 2 hours per session. Seats are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Those attending should have taken one of the ITSS courses and have a copy on Dreamweaver MX installed on their desktops. Those planning to attend must send their SUNET ID's to migonz@ so it can be added to directory privileges.

Introduction to Dreamweaver MX classes (all held at the IC classroom Green Library -note this is not a hands-on class, SUNET ID submission not required)

December 16, 2003 - 8.30-9:45 am
December 19, 2003 - 2.30-4.00 pm

Download the Acomp Tutorial here: (pdf)(html)

To Request AFS Access: (courtesy of J. Lavigne) see sidebar.

Instructions for Secure FTP is found here. (also check out the Dreamweavers Forum)





Schedule of DreamWeaver Classes offered by ITSS

ITSS DreamWeaver Courses:
March 11, 2004
More Info>>


Walk-in Class Schedule (Wtr Qtr) TBA

*Site Management/ Secure FTP/Check In/ Out

*Templates / Stylesheets

* Introduction to Dreamweaver MX (Beginners Only)

Requesting for AFS access
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