Setting Up Secure FTP

Secure FTP is possible in DreamWeaver MX although not as well integrated like MX 2004. Secure FTP protects you SUNET ID and password from being hijacked by malicious hackers.


  Secure FTP

1. Download Secure CRT from ESS site, if one is not yet installed on your desktop. Follow the instruction for installation and configuration as described in the documentation elsewhere on the download site.

2. Once installed, you need to add set up parameters. Go here for instructions on Secure CRT set up for the Leland environment.

Setting up Secure FTP in MX 2004

1. Go to Sites | Edit Sites and double click your web folder to select it.
2. Click on Edit button in the dialogue box.
3. On the left window, select Remote Info.
4. The main window will display additional check boxes, one of which is "Use SSH encrypted secure login"; check this box.
5. Click the About button to download the secure ftp client called "PuTTY". Follow the download instructions.
6. Return to the Remote Info dialogue box in DreamWeaver and click on the Configure button.
7. In the window that opens, enter the following information: