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The project will be informed and its progress evaluated by an advisory group, consisting of individuals well acquainted with the issues of online publishing, which will meet at least twice over the course of the project. The current composition of this group combines the perspectives of social scientists, life scientist, publishers (HighWire affiliates), HighWire staff, and librarians. The group will convene at two critical junctures in the project: 1) at the transition point between the in-depth interview stage and survey stage (March 5th, 2001); and 2) after conclusion of data gathering and analysis stage prior to the final synthesis and reporting stage (May, 2002).

First Expert Workshop (March 5th, 2001):
The first expert workshop was held at HighWire press on March 5th, 2001. We have 12 participants including social scientists, scientists, HighWire affiliated publishers, librarians, Institute for the Future staff, and HireWire staff. The expert group discussed a series of broad themes and concerns: their hopes and fears of e-journals, enablers and barriers of future of e-journals, and preliminary findings from in-depth interviews. The group shared freely their insights and opinions on research design on surveys and data mining, while revealing a rich array of real-world concerns about the future of scholarly publishing. > > more

Second Expert Workshop (May 16, 2002)
The second workshop provided a rich discussion about research findings and implications to both roles of libraries and e-publishing business This will be held at Stanford and the attendees will be editors of journals, life scientists, publishers, librarians, and social scientists. > > more

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