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  Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Will members of the different scholarly societies be randomly mixed in with other societies' members and subscribers for the online survey? In other words, we take it that Stanford is using one survey instrument with the same questions directed at all recipients.
The different societies' members will be integrated to one sample set according to a sampling weight method based on the relative sizes of their memberships.

2. Will staff of the scholarly societies have an opportunity to see the questions that the surveys will pose and make suggestions for including an additional question or two?
Yes, draft questionnaires will be distributed to participating scholarly societies before the online surveys are conducted.

3. How will the project handle subscriber and alert group data provided by the societies?
After we have completed the project, all information on members will be destroyed. Answers to surveys will not be associated with individuals in any published or released data or report.

4. How big a sample will be used for the online surveys?
The target sample size for online surveys is between 500 and 1,500, and the expected response rate from our online surveys is 5-10% per each.

5. Will the participating societies receive a copy of the completed report?
The project will be completed and published on the web circa the end of 2002. It is undetermined at present whether there will be a hardcopy version of the project's findings.

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