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The Stanford University Libraries seek the involvement of the scientific community in providing behavioral and attitudinal information for the Electronic Journal User Study, a research project conducted by the Stanford University Libraries and Institute for the Future, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. (Please see About eJUSt for more information.) The Stanford University Libraries, the project staff, and its subcontractors are committed to assuring participants of the highest level possible of privacy and protection of personal information.

The project has obtained limited personal information from a number of scholarly societies in order to enable their members' or subscribers' participation in the project. The project has assured those societies it will protect information they provided from any other use. Personal information, wherever obtained, will be used only to contact survey or interview participants as part of the research process. Only project research staff will have access to personal information, and only to the extent necessary to conduct the research.

Further, all information obtained by the project from participants will be maintained in a manner that isolates personal information from survey or interview data. Survey data will be analyzed, tabulated, reported and published only in aggregate; individual survey responses will not be reported, nor will any responses be associated with personal information. Interview responses will be reported and published as redacted excerpts only; interviewees will be identified only in general, impersonal ways (e.g., "post-doctoral student in neurology" or "senior clinician").


"Participants" are any individuals who provide information, whether through surveys or interviews, to the project.

"Personal information" is any information (e.g., name, address, telephone number or email address) that may reveal or tend to reveal the identity of a participant.

"eJUSt" is the Electronic Journal User Study

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