Colleges to Stage Electrifying Race

'Socket to Me'

Electric Cars to Compete in First Cross-U.S. Race

MIT Electric Car's Battery Costs $20,000

Caltech the Underdog in Electric Car Race

Electric Car Has First Breakdown in 3,000 Mile Race

Two tons of batteries

Ice Cubes Keep Two Electric Cars Going

MIT Electric Car Towed

Mumps, Motor Halt Electric 'Race' Vehicle

Electric Car Race:
Hopes of MIT Catch Fire

Electric Car Gets to Oklahoma City

Penalties Defeat MIT:
Electric Car Race Won by Caltech


In the history-making Great Electric Car Race that ended early this month, MACHINE DESIGN editors Clare Wise, Sam Barnes, and Stan Klein served as official judges. Barnes and Klein crammed 300 editorial manhours into one week, as they followed -- in official cars -- the Caltech and MIT student competitors across the U.S. Excerpts from their official logs, and pictures they took along the way, preserve for automotive history the stirring technical and personal drama that occurred during the world's first transcontinental race for electric cars.


Checkered flag of victory for Wally Rippel's Caltech team is waved by MACHINE DESIGN editor Sam Barnes on the MIT campus. Leon Loeb and his MIT team mates had reached the Caltech campus (below) some 36 hr previous, but towing penalties cost them the race. Caltech's elapsed time: 211 hr, 46 min. Corrected elapsed time: 210 hr, 03 min. MIT's elapsed time: 174 hr, 26 min. Corrected elapsed time: 210 hr, 33 min. A "photo" finish.

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