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The 1950s: This photo, taken from a 1950s ad for the "new, all-electric Charles Town-Car," shows how even forty years ago, entrepreneurs were combining style with electrical performance.

The 1960s: This Charles car shows up ten years later on the cover of the program for the 1968 Santa Clara Valley Engineers' Council National Electric Automobile Symposium.

The 1970s: "And then came the Citicar." This photo shows off Bob Beaumont's groundbreaking Citicar. Plenty of Citicars are still on the road and looking good, but you can tell this photo is from the 70s because of the Earth shoes.

The 1980s: Is this cover of the November 1980 issue of Electric Vehicle News evidence of growing female involvement in promoting electric vehicle use, or that EV enthusiasts are still primarily men?

The 1990s: Lost Cord author Barbara Erakko Taylor test-driving a Tropica. Today there are more types of electric cars on the road—and drivers behind their wheels—than ever before.

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