Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution
Many of the technologies and concepts for human-computer interaction demonstrated in the 1968 demo have yet to be fully implemented in present day knowledge environments. Today the mouse, graphical user interface, hyper-documents, display editing and integrated text and graphics are taken for granted. Other features of NLS, such two-way video-conferencing with shared workspaces, remain more vision than reality even today. And some of NLS' most important elements, such as the concept of bootstrapping, remain so novel that they are all but unknown to the current generation of systems designers.On December 9th, 1998 Stanford University Libraries and the Institute for the Future presented a day-long, public symposium that brought together Engelbart and members of his historic team, along with other computer visionaries, to consider the impact of Engelbart's work on the last three decades of the computer revolution, to explore the challenges facing us today, and to speculate about the next three decades. 

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