Remembering Mark Weiser

July 23, 1952-April 27, 1999


July 19: A memorial for Mark Weiser was held at Xerox PARC, at the George E. Pake Auditorium.

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On April 27, the world of computing and information technology lost one of its most beloved and admired figures. Mark Weiser, chief technologist at Xerox PARC, died after a short illness. In recognition of his many achievements, and to remember his memory, SiliconBase, a digital archive of the history of Silicon Valley located at Stanford University, has created this site.


Those who knew Mark, as well as those who admired or were influenced by his work, are invited to share your memories in our Forum. There, we have provided space for remembering his career and professional achievements, his ideas about ubiquitous computing, and his life in general.

Ubiquitous Computing
About This Site




 Visitors to this site will find information about Mark's life and career; his pioneering work on ubiquitous computing; and links to his papers and talks, to other online memorials, and to articles on his life and work. Testimonials on the site have been contributed by his friends and colleagues. The site also hosts two other features developed outside Stanford: a memorial site created by the Highland Forum; and the slides from "The Last Weiserama," a Xerox PARC event remembering Mark.


Those interested in sending condolences to his family, or making contributions to the Mark D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship Fund at U.C. Berkeley should visit the Xerox PARC memorial site.


 Photo courtesy of Xerox PARC.

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