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Site Overview

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The Linking of the Americas web site contains scholarly books and archival materials related to Latin America. This online collection comes from Stanford University Press Latin American titles and rare published and archival material from the Stanford University Libraries Special Collections. Viewing online is offered free of charge to authorized users (for information on becoming an authorized user, contact Special Collections ).

Searching and Viewing Titles
Documents are available as searchable online books and/or PDF files. Choose Search the Collection to

  • Search by author, title, or subject
  • List authors and titles grouped by types of material, geographic coverage, and format
  • Browse headings or scan records sorted by author, title, and subject

After you have selected a title you may view the title online and/or:

  • Use Adobe Acrobat's inline search to search the contents of PDF titles
  • Use eBook City's inline search to search the contents of eBooks

Purchasing Titles
Many of the titles in the Linking the Americas collection are also available for purchase as either printed or electronic book format.