Evolution of a Computer

Source: Gartner Group, "Evolution of a Computer," video (1983).
Location: M1007, Apple Computer Inc. Papers, Series 14.


The series of news features was produced by the Gartner Group, and released to television stations for broadcast after the 24 January 1984 launch of the Macintosh. The full tape consists of ten pieces: an introduction, a six-minute feature, stock footage of the Macintosh factory, and seven features.

Each of those seven features has been transcribed, and is published with several stills from the piece.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the series.

News Feature 1, "Meeting the Challenge." (2:09) Presents the Macintosh introduction as part of a high-risk, high-reward strategy by Apple to maintain its preeminence in the computer industry. [Transcript]

News Feature 2, "Creating a Computer." (1:49) Profile of the Macintosh development team. Features quotes from software wizards Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld, technical documentation manager Chris Espinosa, and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. [Transcript]

News Feature 3, "Getting Mac to Market." (2:25) Inside the factory created to produce Macintosh computers. [Transcript]

News Feature 4, "Targeting the Audience." (2:31) Dissects the Macintosh advertising campaign, explaining the amount of work that goes into a large-scale marketing effort targeted at "knowledge workers." [Transcript]

News Feature 5, "Winning the Educational Market." (2:21) Focuses on the Apple University Consortium, and Apple's hopes that the Macintosh will catch on among students and faculty. [Transcript]

News Feature 6, "Press Release-- Macintosh." (2:02) A general overview of the Macintosh computer and its introduction. [Transcript]

News Feature 7, "Macintosh International." (2:33) Discusses plans for marketing the Macintosh overseas, especially in Europe. [Transcript]

Feature, "Bringing the Dream to Life." (6:45) Long piece on the development and marketing of the Macintosh.

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