Dean Hovey on the Xerox PARC Visit

Source: Interview with Dean Hovey, 22 June 2000.

Pang: Sachs and Yurchenco talked about going up and visiting PARC. Did you go on that trip?

See also Sachs and Yurchenco and Sun on visiting PARC. On Apple's visits to PARC, see Raskin.

Hovey: I can remember going up and seeing the Star system. I do remember doing that, but I can't remember the context. It might have been in the context of the mouse project, it might have been later or earlier, for a product design class, but I don't connect the dots.

Pang: But even if it was connected to this project, there weren't any big revelations that came out of the visit, it sounds like.

Hovey: No, I just remember thinking that there was lot of money being spent on stuff I didn't really understand, and a lot of smart people, but I don't remember on the tour coming away with, "Oh, let's do that now." There was something going on with networking, or networking and printing, that was pretty leading-edge, but there wasn't a strong sense of personal benefit in it for me personally. I think it was more just a wonderful experience wandering the halls and seeing all this equipment, and all these people.


Document created on 10 July 2000;