Collection Relocation

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Letter to Graduate Students

13 May 2003

Dear Graduate Student,

As you may be aware, the stacks in Green Library and in the branches are almost at capacity, and a new facility is being built to accommodate several years of collection growth. The new building will be a state-of-the-art high-density (i.e., non-browsable) storage facility located at Livermore and will become operational in November 2003. Once it opens, we will begin moving some materials from campus locations to create space on campus for our growing collections. Materials stored in the new facility will be paged upon request and will be available to the Stanford community within 24 hours from the time of the request.

Selecting books and periodicals for relocation to Livermore is a critical task, though one that our library subject specialists have gained a great deal of experience in over the past fifteen years, since the opening of SAL1. In preparation for the new, more remote facility, the Libraries have articulated the principles that will guide the review process in a document discussed and approved by the Faculty Senate's Committee on the Libraries last December.

The first phase of the selection process now underway focuses on the books and periodicals in SAL 1&2 that remain cataloged under the old Dewey Decimal system. SUL/AIR subject specialists have completed the review and the results are indicated on various excel spreadsheets, arranged by Dewey classification, which may be viewed on the Collection Relocation web site created for this project. The web site also provides general background information, criteria for selecting materials for storage, and a list of subject specialists with their specific responsibilities for different parts of the collections.

We invite you to visit the web site and to take a look at those spreadsheets covering subjects that relate to your current thesis or dissertation research. If you have any questions or concerns regarding materials slated for relocation, please let the cognizant subject specialist(s) know. The deadline for receiving input is June 16, 2003.


Michael A. Keller