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Collection Relocation

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Progress Reports by Library

We have begun this Collection Relocation review by evaluating the Dewey-classed materials in SAL1/2. Only after this first phase is finished will we begin to evaluate materials in other libraries or classifications. The home page of this Collection Relocation website will be announced when the next phase of this project begins.

SAL 1/2

Selectors started working on their assigned areas of the Dewey collection in SAL 1/2 early in the year and were given until March 15th to finish their initial selections. These decisions are now being shared with faculty and graduate students. Faculty and graduate students will have until June 15th to make suggestions regarding the Dewey materials selected to be shelved in the Livermore facility (SAL3).

To see the spreadsheets for Dewey classed materials in SAL1/2 (and for instructions), please click here.

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