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Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Atlases

Listed here are a selected few of the dictionaries and handbooks available in Branner Library, designed to give you a flavor of the types of information available. Either come in and browse the shelves or browse SOCRATES if you can't find the information you need in one of these.

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Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks

The encyclopedia of earth sciences series: Earth Sciences Reference QE501 .E56

  • Encyclopedia of applied geology QE501 .E56 V.13
  • Encyclopedia of atmospheric sciences and astrogeology QE501 .E56 V.2
  • Encyclopedia of beaches and coastal environments QE501 .E56 V.15
  • Encyclopedia of climatology QE501 .E56 V.11
  • Encyclopedia of environmental sciences QE501 .E56 V.20
  • Encyclopedia of European and Asian regional geology QE501 .E56 V.19
  • Encyclopedia of field and general geology QE501 .E56 V.14
  • Encyclopedia of geochemistry QE501 .E56 V.21
  • Encyclopedia of geomorphology QE501 .E56 V.3
  • Encyclopedia of hydrology and water resources QE501 .E56 V.22
  • Encyclopedia of igneous and metamorphic petrology QE501 .E56 V.17
  • Encyclopedia of mineralogy QE501 .E56 V.4B
  • Encyclopedia of oceanography QE501 .E56 V.1
  • Encyclopedia of paleontology QE501 .E56 V.7
  • Encyclopedia of planetary sciences QE501 .E56 V.18 (text and CD-Rom)
  • Encyclopedia of sedimentology QE501 .E56 V.6
  • Encyclopedia of sediments and sedimentary rocks QE501 .E56 V.23
  • Encyclopedia of soil science Pt.I QE501 .E56 V.12
  • Encyclopedia of solid earth geophysics QE501 .E56 V.16
  • Encyclopedia of structural geology and plate tectonics QE501 .E56 V.10
  • Encyclopedia of world regional geology Pt I: Western Hemisphere QE501 .E56 V.8
Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks

Handbook of geochemistry by K.H. Wedepohl.: Located in the Branner Library Locked stacks: QE515.W42.

Summary: Each chapter covers one element of the periodic table (ordered by atomic number), and is subdivided as follows: A - Crystal chemistry; B - Isotopes in nature; C - Abundance in cosmos, meteorites, and tektites; D - Abundance in rock-forming minerals, phase equilibria; E - Abundance in common igneous rocks; F - Behavior in magmatic processes; G - Behavior during weathering and alteration of rocks; H - Solubilities of compounds which control concentration of the element in natural waters; adsorption; valences in nature; I - abundance in natural waters and in the atmosphere; K - Abundance in common sediments and sedimentary rocks; L - Biogeochemistry; M - Abundance in common metamorphic rocks; N - Behavior in metamorphic reactions; O - Relations to other elements, economic importance, etc.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks

Handbook of physical constants Branner Library Reference, 550.6 .G345m no.97. Data included:

  • 1 Compositions of rocks;
  • 2 Abundances of the elements;
  • 3 Isotopic abundances and 1961 atomic weights;
  • 4 Densities of rocks;
  • 5 X-ray crystalographic data, densities, molar volumes of minerals;
  • 6 Themal expansion;
  • 7 Compressibility;
  • 8 Internal friction in rocks;
  • 9 Seismic velocities;
  • 10 Geodetic data;
  • 11 Strength and ductility;
  • 12 Viscosity;
  • 13 Melting & transformation points/oxides & silicates/low pressure;
  • 14 Phase relations/sulfides;
  • 15 High-pressure phase equilibria;
  • 16 PVT & phase relations/water & CO2;
  • 17 Binary mixtures of volatile components;
  • 18 Ionizations constants in aqueous solutions;
  • 19 Solubility;
  • 20 Thermodynamic properties of minerals;
  • 21 Thermal conductivity;
  • 22 Heat flow and volcanic temperatures;
  • 23 Radioactive decay constants and energies;
  • 24 Abundances of U, Th, K;
  • 25 Magnetic properites of rocks and minerals;
  • 26 Electrical properties of rocks and minerals;
  • 27 Conversion factors, numerical constants, atomic constants
Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks

International Geological Congress. Commission de stratigraphie. Lexique stratigraphique international or International Lexicon of Stratigraphic Names

Branner Library Reference, QD503.B68 1984

  • v.1 Europe
  • v.2 U.R.S.S.
  • v.3 Asie
  • v.4 Afrique
  • v.5 Amerique du Sud
  • v.6 Oceanie
  • v.7 Amerique du Nord.
  • v.8 Termes stratigraphiques majeurs

A few scattered volumes of the second edition have been published. The United States volume is up-to-date and has been published as GEOLEX or GEONAMES (U.S. Geological Survey, 1996).

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks



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