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Hoover/SUL Realignment

Attatchment 1
SUL/Hoover Realignment
Collection Development Program

October 19, 1999 (rev. 12-5-2000)

The following comments relate to a redistribution of collecting responsibilities that are currently part of the Hoover Library and Archives collecting program. The scope of the current Hoover collection policy extends to 20th century materials (beginning ca. 1900) relating to political, social, and economic change in specific areas of the world – namely, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and East Asia. East Asia will be discussed separately. For all these areas except Latin America, Hoover collecting has included both published and unpublished, mainstream or trade materials as well as archival and special ephemeral materials. For Latin America, only archival and special materials are now collected. The objective of the realignment is to assign to SUL the collecting responsibility for published and trade materials for all areas of the world, and to agree that the Hoover will continue to collect archival and fugitive or ephemeral materials. More specifically,

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