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Hoover/SUL Realignment

24 January 2001

Editorial Page
The Stanford Daily
Storke Publications Building, Suite 101
Stanford CA 94305-2240

Dear Editor:

The plan for realigning the Hoover Library and Archives with the Stanford University Libraries to build on the strengths of each has been in development for about four years. The intentions of the plan are to: eliminate redundancy of effort in building library collections and providing library services; to achieve fiscal and operational efficiencies; and, to allow the Hoover Library and Archives to concentrate its efforts on fulfilling its original mission. Each and every one of the logical and well meant concerns you mention or imply in your editorial have been accounted for in the plan and will be accomplished in its execution. I will address further only a couple of these matters in this letter.

With regard to space for collections, it is true that growth space in Green Library is limited. However, with the completion of the third module of the Stanford Auxiliary Library, now scheduled to occur in September 2002, about one-half of the existing two modules of SAL (on campus and arranged in classified order, accessible to students and faculty six days per week) will be made available for more browsable collections, nearly a million volumes worth. Our plan is precisely to assure more browsable collection storage on campus for relatively easy access by students and faculty.

With regard to the future of the Hoover Library and Archives, it could not be brighter. All of us desire this realignment of resources and collecting responsibilities to make more space available to the Hoover curators for archives and other special collections material. Their collecting responsibilities for these genres in their fields of expertise are the same as they have been, and the resources for them to satisfy these responsibilities are enhanced, not reduced. Access to them will be as it is now. No damage will be done to the Hoover Library and Archives.

With regard to the capabilities and staff for the University Libraries to undertake additional responsibilities as per the plan, one and all should realize that both staff and money are to be transferred to the University Libraries from the Hoover Library and Archives. And the Hoover curators will not disappear either. The same sort of collaborative work done in the past, the same contacts, the same relationships with booksellers and other suppliers will be maintained. Those who use the University Libraries’ collections intensively and who have worked with the curators in the University Libraries know full well that this cadre of professionals is every bit as experienced and qualified as their colleagues in the Hoover Archive and have accomplished the building of collections every bit as exceptional as those in the Hoover. Once again, those who have made extensive use of archives, manuscripts and rare books in Special Collections in Green and made use of the magnificent collections in the University Libraries’ will recognize comparable, if lesser-known prowess in collection building. Stanford’s collections in Latin American studies, in Slavic history, languages and literatures, in twentieth-century American literature, in the history of science and technology, in French history and literature, in Judaic studies, and in many other fields are among the most extensive of their types anywhere.

Finally, there have been numerous occasions in the past, as there will be in the future, involving joint efforts of curators from both Hoover and the University Libraries in order to bring a collection to Stanford. What is best for Stanford is at the heart of the work for both organizations.

Enhancement, improvement, and extension are the themes of the realignment plan, not damage and diminishment. The proposed Hoover realignment plan may be viewed at the following web site:


Yours truly,

Michael A. Keller

University Librarian &

Director of Academic Information Resources

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