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Hoover/SUL Realignment

Stanford University Libraries
Academic Information Resources


9 January 2001

To: Nancy Kollmann, History Dept

From: Mike Keller

Re: attached documents concerning Hoover Library Realignment


Here are the documents you have requested. We have omitted the attachment which named staff and pertinent details of their employment at Stanford. And we have included some planning documents not submitted to the Provost. These are a supplement to Attachment 1, detailing some of the operational steps necessary to further define and implement aspects of collection development and the rest of the plan and two timetables for accomplishing the proposal, its review and acceptance, and finally implementation.

We all stand ready to meet with you and your committee over the next couple of weeks.

Once again, thanks for undertaking this review.



Cc: Karol Berger, Chair C-Lib

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