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Hoover/SUL Realignment

December 5, 2000


TO: John Etchemendy, Provost

FROM: John Raisian, Director, Hoover Institution

Michael Keller, University Librarian

Charles Palm, Deputy Director, Hoover Institution

Assunta Pisani, Associate University Librarian

SUBJECT: Administrative and physical transfer of portions of Hoover Library


Thanks to the conversations among the senders, we have arrived at a set of recommendations for your consideration concerning a new administrative and functional arrangement between the Hoover Library and Stanford University Libraries (SUL).

Here are the reasons for the realignment.

First, we seek to eliminate redundancy of effort in building library collections and providing library services;

Second, we seek to achieve fiscal and operational efficiencies;

Third, we seek to allow the Hoover Archives to concentrate its efforts on fulfilling its original mission.

It should be noted that as a consequence of the realignment certain spaces now occupied by the Hoover General Library and the East Asia Library staff, collections, and reading rooms will become available to the Hoover Institution in the course of the next months and extending for a few years. As a consequence of this side benefit, SUL prefers that Hoover move the collections now resident in the Stanford Auxiliary Library to some of the collection spaces made available in Hoover; such a collection realignment will create some measure of new space to accommodate the portions of the Hoover collection in SUL's shelves (variously across Green, Meyer, and SAL).

We have agreed that there will be no layoffs resulting directly from this realignment of either SUL/AIR or Hoover staff being transferred to SUL/AIR. That is, any staff contractions or expansions at SUL/AIR subsequent to the Hoover staff transfers would result from SUL/AIR-wide exercises, not focusing only on the staff transferred from Hoover.

A registration card will be created by the Hoover Institution which will permit full and free access to SUL's various collections and units of those who would have been readers at the Hoover Library OR who are readers in the Hoover Archives. This registration card does not carry borrowing privileges. And, as before, Hoover Visiting Scholars will be given free access to SUL/AIR units, but no borrow privileges.

There are five parts to this plan, as follows:

(1) A document entitled SUL/Hoover Realignment Collection Development Program describes the re-distribution of collecting responsibilities currently part of the Hoover Library and Archives collecting program to SUL. See Attachment 1. We should state for the record the continuing dialog and coordination of collection policies between the Hoover Archives and SUL. For various reasons, each will have opportunities to complement the others programs and target collections.

(2) The second part concerns the migration of Hoover Library staff to SUL/AIR. This transfer would involve all staff on Attachment 2.

(3) The third part concerns the transfer of Hoover library collections from the Hoover Tower to SUL. While a transfer of significant portions of these collections is expected (possibly as much as 60% of the collections in the Tower), it is not possible at this time to determine precisely which and how much material will be transferred. Hoover, while agreeing to consult with SUL curators, retains authority to decide which materials are transferred.

(4) Transfer of Hoover Institution Base Budget expenses and general fund allocations to meet them will be made. Of the $4.0M from General Funds allocated to Hoover by the Provost in FY01, the following division would occur overtime, and adjusted in the future by increases in the various budget categories: to SUL/AIR $2.8M ($1,177,044 for Hoover East Asia Collection plus $989,504 for Hoover Library Current Operations totaling $2,166,548 in September 2001, then up to $633,452 – depending on how much of the 60% of the Tower collections are moved to SUL – as the collections transfer occurs between September 2001 and December 2003 perhaps in phases); to Hoover $1.0M in September 2001 and $633,452 until the collections transfer occurs, perhaps in phases); $0.2M to the Provost as budget savings.

(5) The realignment will involve one-time capital and moving expenses as per the attached spreadsheet, Attachment 3.

(6) Actual budget re-alignments would occur on 1 September 2001 pending facilities adjustments and moving that we now assume can be accomplished before the end of August 2001. Please note that the facilities adjustments are in part conditioned by the findings of the Meyer Formulation Study now underway and expected to be reported in the early part of the upcoming Winter Quarter. The East Asia Library reading room and staff will move to Meyer Library 3rd floor; the East Asia Library collection will move to the Meyer mezzanine stack area. The Hoover Library curatorial staff will move mostly to spaces now being prepared in Green Library East. The Hoover Library technical processing staff will move in with the various analogous units of the SUL/AIR technical services units, mainly in Meyer Library 3rd and 4th floor. When the final disposition of the collections occurs, likely before December 2003, the remainder of the Hoover Library public services staff will move to the analogous SUL/AIR unit locations.

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