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Hoover/SUL Realignment

Supplement to Attachment 1 of the 5 December 2000 memo to Provost Etchemendy

These operational steps are subject to and governed by the statement of redistribution of collecting responsibilities in Attachment

  1. SUL will extend curatorial responsibilities to its Western European curators, as well as expand coverage on the basis of incoming Hoover staff, to include all library collections in the subject areas of politics, political movements, contemporary and recent history.
  2. Utilizing resources now assigned to the acquisition of library materials in the Hoover Library’s Eastern European and CIS curatorial programs, SUL will strengthen the curatorial office for Slavic and East European collections to accommodate its expanded responsibilities.
  3. SUL will establish a curatorial area for Africa and the Middle East with the transfer of those resources now assigned to the acquisition of library materials for these areas from the Hoover.
  4. SUL will assume responsibility for all collections, services, and processing functions of the East Asian Library.


SUL and the Hoover, respectively, will have responsibility for all cataloguing and preservation of the materials which they collect. SUL will integrate the processing of materials for which it assumes responsibility with existing processing programs, using such resources as are now assigned to the Hoover Library for these purposes. To the maximum extent possible, the Hoover Archives and SUL will use the same procedures and library management systems for the acquisitions and cataloguing processes to ensure minimal duplication between the two organizations.


Housing and Servicing of Collections

Our ultimate goal is to integrate those Hoover collections which become the purview of SUL to maintain and keep up to date with those of SUL. Physical transfer of the pertinent Hoover general materials will begin in September 2002. When SAL III becomes available (targeted for September 2002), major shifts and moves of SUL and Hoover collections to Green, Meyer, and SAL can begin. We expect all transfers to be concluded by December 2003. Separate arrangements are proposed for the East Asian Collection which we will transfer in July and August, 2001.

The Hoover Institution will continue to be responsible for circulation and access services of all materials that remain at the Hoover Library and for the Hoover Archives. SUL will assume for responsibility for circulation and access services for all materials transferred from the Hoover Library.

The preservation of Hoover library materials transferred to SUL will become the responsibility of SUL. The Hoover will retain its existing preservation staff to target archives as well as the rare and special books remaining in the Hoover Library.

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