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Hoover/SUL Realignment

Hoover/SUL Realignment: Timetable for Transition

East Asia Library

February 2001-August 2001 Get Meyer staff and Reading Room space ready for occupancy.

Examine EAL budget components; discuss current collection development policy and needed adjustments; plan for recon and circulation.
February 2001 Meet with EAL staff to discuss specific of space needs.
February - March 2001 Assess more accurately space needed for collection and determine which parts of the collection, if any, will need to be housed in SAL.
July-August 2001* Move EAL staff and Reading Room collection to SUL.
EAL begins to report to SUL.
Move most of EAL collection to South Mezzanine.
Move Hoover collection out of SAL.
Move remaining parts of EAL collection into SAL.
September 2001 Budget allocations for EAL become part of SUL budget.

*conditioned upon findings of the Meyer formulation study, due 15 January 2001

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