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August 17, 2001

  1. Kathy A. Hudson Joins SUL/AIR as Business Development Officer and Factotum on Other Matters
  2. SUL Staff Badges
  3. Viola Jordan joins HASRG American and British History
  4. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

1. Kathy A. Hudson Joins SUL/AIR as Business Development Officer and Factotum on Other Matters

Stepping from the frying pan into the fire characterizes Kathy Hudson's move from the position of Director of Information Technology at the California State Library, a position from which she recently retired after 15 years of service, to one at SUL/AIR as a part-time business development officer at Stanford. Kathy earned an MBA at UC Davis about 5 years ago. And before arriving in California, Kathy had been chief of library systems at Cornell and in the information technology division of the National Archives and Records Administration. Some years ago, she did a consultancy with SUL/AIR on computing services and software development. This unique combination of experience and education make her an excellent person to provide support to me as we consider several promising possibilities for joint business opportunities. She has begun work already and will be seen around the campus as she pursues her responsibilities. Kathy will report directly to me and will be a member of the Asilomar Group.

Please join me in welcoming her to Stanford and to SUL/AIR.

--submitted by Michael A. Keller

2. SUL Staff Badges

SUL Staff Badges expire on August 31, 2001. Badges for the year beginning Sept. 1, 2001 will be issued to permanent staff members who request them by sending the following information by e-mail to priv@sulmail.stanford.edu or campus mail to Privileges Division, Green Library M/C 6004: Name, Department, Supervisor's name, ID mail address, length of appointment if it will end prior to 8/31/02, and indicate if you need a plastic badge holder. When this information has been received and processed, a new badge will be sent to you through ID mail. Badges will not be issued to temporary or hourly personnel at this time. Badges for these people should be requested according to existing procedure.

Staff badges are valid for access at Green Library and SAL. If you prefer wearing a Staff Badge for acess to Green LIbrary or SAL instead of showing your University ID, please send the above information to the Privileges Division by Friday September 14, 2001. If you have any questions, please contact the Privileges Division at priv@sulmail.stanford.edu or 723-1492.

--submitted by Robert (Monty) Mantovani

3. Viola Jordan joins HASRG American and British History

Please join me in welcoming Viola Jordan as the new Bibliographic and Research Assistant in American and British History. Viola has an Erstes Staatsexamen, equivalent to a Master's, in English and French literature and linguistics from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg. She has extensive experience teaching and editing German and English. Having arrived in the Bay Area just last February, Viola is new to the area as well as the Library. I hope everyone will make her feel at home.

--submitted by Alicia Gamez

4. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

Production Editor (8/13/01); REQ# J012200
Slavic Serials Odering/Rec'g (8/13/01); REQ# J012233
Serials Rec'g/Maint Spec (8/13/01); REQ# J012238

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Human Resources Web site.

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