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December 10, 1999

  1. Senior Staff Update
  2. Study of SERG Branch Libraries
  3. An End of the Year Thank You from Michael Keller
  4. Meyer Construction News
  5. SUL/AIR Staff Recognition and Holiday Party Reminder
  6. Navigant Orientation
  7. Travel Agency Transaction Fees
  8. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


I am pleased to announce two promotions in the senior-most ranks of SUL/AIR. Assunta Pisani and Catherine M. Tierney have each been promoted in the recent past to the rank of Associate University Librarian. These promotions signal the extensive responsibilities each position has for substantial operating programs of SUL/AIR, Assunta for Library Collections and Services, Catherine for Technical Services. Assunta and Catherine richly deserve promotion because of their superb leadership, their deep knowledge of their domains, their extensive internal and external relationships, and their demonstrated devotion to Stanford.

Many of you know that presently we do not have a chief fiscal officer. Susan Horsfall is performing her principal role of SUL/AIR budget officer as well as helping me as fiscal officer. It is my intention to fill this position by the beginning of the next fiscal year. In the meantime, Susan along with Cindy Skalski, who is reporting on an interim basis to Deputy University Librarian Karen Nagy, are working well to keep our fiscal and business operations going.

--submitted by Michael Keller


As we near the completion of the Bing Wing and have the third addition to the Stanford Auxiliary Library underway, attention must shift to the facilities of the many branch libraries of SUL/AIR. Thus, in September I initiated a self-study in the Science and Engineering Resources Group of their libraries. Assunta Pisani is overseeing that study with Grace Baysinger. Additionally, I have asked the Senate Committee on Libraries to visit each and every subject library to meet with staff and to get tours as part of this shift of attention. All these visits have been accomplished but one, that to the Hopkins Marine Station Library (hang on Joe - they are coming!!!) and reports have been written which are enormously helpful in calling attention to various situations, but more importantly raising the consciousness of the members of C-Lib about the needs and aspirations of Stanford's subject libraries. In May, the SUL/AIR Advisory Council will engage in another round of such visits. By the time members gather I hope they will have in hand the self-study of the SERG libraries. My intention is to create a facilities and program master plan for the Provost and President and to implement that plan over the next five to ten years.

--submitted by Michael Keller


Here we are again at the end of an exhausting quarter. We all know that the fall quarter is routinely busy, but we have had many more additions to the routine than usual. I urge all SUL/AIR folks to recognize how very hard everyone on staff has been working in service to Stanford readers and users. I urge everyone as well to take a deep breath now and again every day and to focus on having a nice, long, relaxing end-of-year holiday. We go into a semi-hibernation with the end of fall quarter and until the start of winter quarter which is natural and much deserved. Let's congratulate one another on having made it through another challenging start-up and give thanks for having such wonderful colleagues and friends at work. I send each and every one of you my thanks for enormously good service and my very best wishes for a relaxing season of good cheer. I know that we will have a happy new year too!

--submitted by Michael Keller


Demolition will begin next week on the first floor of Meyer Library. Workers will be pulling out the circulation desk and shelving to create an open, spacious area where small groups of students and faculty can meet and consult. Computer clusters will be added during the Winter quarter. The doors facing Escondido Road will be open to the public once again.

During the demolition, which will probably last about three weeks, access to Meyer on the ground floor will be through the doors facing the clocktower. Bridge access to the second floor will continue to be open throughout the construction.

Please exercise caution in and around the construction area; your cooperation is appreciated. For further questions call either Dennis Cruzada (3-1537) or Kathy Fehrn (3-4857).

--submitted by Karen Nagy


What a monumental year this has been! We will end it in high style with the SUL/AIR Staff Recognition and Holiday Party in the Munger Rotunda and the Lane Room on the second floor of the Bing Wing on Monday, December 13, 3:30-6:00 p.m. There will be a very short program at approximately 4:15 p.m.to specially recognize the contributions of staff who have served Stanford for 5-6, 10-11, 15-16, 20-21, 25-26, and 30 years.

Please note that the party refreshments may be enjoyed in the Munger Rotunda and adjacent galleries, but must not be taken into the Lane Room.

--submitted by Catherine Tierney


Beginning December 20, 1999 Navigant International will become Stanford University's preferred travel agency, succeeding American Express Travel.

To learn more about Navigant and its services, an additional informational meeting has been scheduled for:

Wednesday, December 15

10 am to 12 noon

Tresidder Oak East Room

RSVP to as.fyi@forsythe

Please forward this message to anyone in your area that might benefit from this information.

--submitted by Maureen Davidson


The travel industry has been undergoing significant changes relating to the financial relationship between agencies, air carriers, and customers. Air carriers have historically paid commissions to agencies for air travel booked. The airlines have been steadily reducing that commission. Until recently, these commissions were sufficient to avoid any direct cost to the traveler for travel agency services. Commission levels have been reduced to the point that travelers will now begin to see charges from travel agencies for services provided in the form of a transaction fee.

This past year we put our contract for travel services out to bid. Navigant International was selected from this competition and will become Stanford's preferred travel agency effective Monday, December 20, 1999. All the agencies that submitted proposals for our business included a transaction fee - including American Express Travel and Navigant.

Although Navigant International was selected for their commitment to excellent customer service and cultural fit with Stanford, the fee they proposed was also one of the most competitive, at $11 for each trip booked. Navigant has also expressed a strong commitment to work with Stanford to further develop programs such as TRIP, our on-line booking system, which will be important in keeping our transaction fee as low as possible. The Stanford traveler will see this reimbursable $11 fee charged to their travel card along with their travel transaction.

By booking through Navigant International, Stanford travelers will have access to our substantial United Airlines discount, enjoy the deferred billing program, and the American Express travelers checks program.

We're very enthusiastic about what Navigant International will provide to Stanford in exceptional customer service and low fares. Please feel free to contact me at dwjohn@leland.stanford.edu or 5-9105 if you have any questions.

--submitted by Douglas Johnson, Director of Disbursements, Controllers Office

SUL/AIR has the following open positions for this week:

Computing Information System Analyst (12/06/99); REQ# J992743

Library Specialist I (12/9/99); REQ# J992772

Head, Metadata Unit, Catalog Department (12/10/99); Position #64

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

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