February 8, 2002

  1. Tax Information: Filing "Exempt" Status on W-4
  2. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

1. Tax Information: Filing "Exempt" Status on W-4

The law states that anyone currently claiming "Exempt" status on their W-4 (Tax Data Form) for the year or who have submitted a W-4 form for last year, must submit a new form by February 16, 2002. The W-4 must be submitted to payroll and records to renew their exempt status. This will mostly apply to students, but if any regular staff have filed this way the same submission and deadline will apply. Please contact Gary Harris, Human Resource Officer for SUL at 736-0729 or garyh@sulmail.stanford.edu if you have any questions.

--submitted by Gary Harris

2. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

SUL/AIR has three new positions this week.

1. Application Software Developer (2/4/02); REQ# 00678
2. Production Specialist (2/4/02); REQ# 000685
3. Swain Serials/Circulation/Acquisitions/Reserves Specialist (2/4/02); REQ# 000684

For a complete description of other open positions within SUL/AIR, visit the Human Resources Web site at:

Human Resources Web site.

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