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July 2, 1999

  1. AIDS Walk San Francisco
  2. Heather Murapa Leaves for New York
  3. 325-1010 Modem Pool Now Supports V.90 Protocol
  4. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


On Sunday, July 18, Michael Newman will participate in AIDS Walk San Francisco (AWSF), an annual fund-raiser for Bay Area organizations that support AIDS prevention, research, education, and patient care. He invites you to sponsor him by sending a contribution.

The libraries have lost several staff members to AIDS and many of us have lost close friends and colleagues. Until there ís a cure, prevention and patient care activities are still urgently needed. AWSF is California's largest AIDS fund-raising event and one of the most cost-efficient. Over 80 percent of the funds raised go directly to helping people living with HIV and AIDS.

The AIDS walk is 10 kilometers and participants find sponsors to make per kilometer pledges. For example, if you pledge $2.50 per kilometer, your total contribution is $25.00. Michael intends to complete the entire walk, and because it is easier to turn in all contributions on the day of the walk, he asks you to send your contribution by July 18. Please make checks payable to AIDS WALK SAN FRANCISCO (or AWSF) and send them to Michael Newman, Falconer Biology Library, 5020.

--submitted by Michael Newman


Heather Murapa, the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) specialist at the Branner Earth Sciences Library will be leaving Stanford on July 12. She and her husband, a recent Stanford graduate, will head for New York. During her three year tenure at Branner, Heather has played a key role in and has made numerous contributions to the development and enhancement of SUL/AIR's GIS program. Her unwavering dedication to the high ideals of the GIS services is characterized by her extensive knowledge of GIS, unceasing energy, and sensitivity and responsiveness to users' needs (from which many faculty members and students from the science and social sciences departments have benefited). Heather has helped many students incorporate GIS-generated maps into their dissertations and research papers.

While Heather will be missed greatly for her professional contributions, it is as a friend and admired colleague that we shall notice her absence most. She will be sorely missed by all of us who were fortunate enough to work with her. We wish her luck in her new life and endeavors in New York.

--submitted by Jean Kan


On June 24, the Access Path modem pool (650-325-1010) began supporting the V.90 communication protocol.

V.90 is a new universal standard for negotiating modem connection speeds over POTS at download speeds of up to the FCC mandated 53Kbps limit. This new standard will enable X2 (as well as new V.90) modems to achieve connection speeds in excess of 33.6Kbps if line conditions and other externalities permit. Users with good phone lines and high quality modems may see improved connection speeds. Individual "mileage" may vary with specific connection conditions and the quality of your modem.

In its testing, Customer Assistance has discovered that some individuals have modems (often "winmodems," or software modems) with old drivers that need updating. Some users may notice a new V.90 negotiation BOING! sound. (If you don't, that's fine too!)

If you have any difficulty using the new 325-1010 modem pool, please submit a HelpSU request for assistance at http://helpsu.stanford.edu/ or call Customer Assistance at 725-8181.

--reprinted from the June 25 issue of ITSS Digest


SUL/AIR has the following new open position this week.

Library Specialist III

Administrative Associate V

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Web at

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