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June 12, 1998

  1. Keller/Casper Flood Damage Correspondence
  2. Information Center Head Announced
  3. Update Your Stanford Directory Information
  4. Stanford Libraries Staff Association Nominations
  5. Attention Lane Medical Library Users
  6. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


It is with much pleasure that I share the following correspondence with SUL/AIR staff. Most of you will remember seeing the photos in the February 4 issue of the Stanford Report showing President Gerhard Casper, Provost Condoleezza Rice and myself inspecting the damage in the basement of Green Library on the day of the flood.

May 28, 1998

Gerhard, Condi,

We will receive next week the last 2 shipments of books from the freeze-dry processor. Approximately 72,000 volumes on 55,500 pallets were treated. About 3,600 (5%) of these needed re-binding. A few books, 1,200 to 1,500 (about 2%), are so heavily damaged that we will consider each separately to determine whether we will try to replace each book, work hard in our own conservation lab to repair some, and/or declare some as total losses and remove the entries in our catalog.

From my perspective, this is a remarkable return rate in numbers of books saved as well as speed of return to the shelves. I credit this rate as well as the other aspects of the recovery, all of which are complete save that of replacing furniture, to a very aggressive emergency response on the part of the SUL/AIR staff, Facilities Operations, Capital Planning and Management, Geoff Cox, Jeffrey Seilbach, Chris Christofferson, and Mike Rosenthal. This is a very effective team, one I am proud to be part of.

I would rather not have had this experience, but having had it, a better recovery than this one could not be expected.



10 June 1998

Dear Mike:

Thank you for the wonderful news about the libraries' recovery from the February floods. Having vivid memories of slogging through rain-soaked aisles, I think it is simply amazing that so many books have been saved and are now available again to our students and faculty.

Please share with your dedicated staff my thanks and congratulations.

With best wishes,


-- submitted by Mike Keller


We are delighted to announce that Jennie Nicolayev has agreed to serve as Head of the new Green Library Information Center. Jennie has worked in the Stanford University Libraries since 1980 and brings a unique combination of public service, operations management, and leadership skills to this position. From 1980-1992 Jennie performed a variety of assignments in the Meyer Library, including reference, instruction and collection development. Since 1993 Jennie has worked in the Green Library's Access Services Department as both Assistant Chief and Head of Interlibrary Services. Most recently Jennie has successfully managed the implementation and oversight of the Unicorn circulation system on behalf of SUL, Law, and Hoover.

The Information Center will begin operating as a merged general and government documents reference service in the current physical space in January 1999, and as a redesigned service area in Fall 1999. Jennie's new role in the Information Center will be phased in from quarter- to full-time over the next six months. Her initial work will involve reviving the Information Center planning process with a particular focus on staffing and technology support issues. She will be working closely with appropriate staff in HASRG, SSRG, and RITS to ensure that the Information Center fulfills its critical role in the new Green Library environment. Jennie will report jointly to the Heads of the Social Sciences Resource Center and Humanities & Area Studies Resource Center. Background information on the new Green Library program is available on the web at


Welcome Jennie!

-- submitted by Chuck Eckman and Henry Lowood


Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to find someone else's e-mail address? The best solution, usually, is just to call the person on the phone and ask! Even within SUL/AIR alone, we have people commonly using three different email hosts (leland, sulmail, and forsythe), and with account names that are varied permutations of their names, positions, or hobbies.

Even if you can't guess someone else's e-mail address, you can make it easy for others to find yours. Stanford maintains an online directory, using a service called WHOIS. You can access the Whois database using a program named NetQuery. Query is installed on all library staff systems, usually under Start | Programs | OnNet32 2.0. Just run the program, select the Whois tab, make sure the Server says "stanford.edu", then enter the name you are looking for. You can also use other programs like MacWhois to access this database or find it on the Web at


The Whois database contains information from your official Stanford directory entry; it's accessible from both on and off campus. Be sure that you have your most current information in the system and encourage others that you work with to update their entries, as well.

To change your directory entry:

  1. Telnet to forsythetn.stanford.edu
  2. If you have a Forsythe account, log in and type "prism". If you don't have a Forsythe account, at the "Account?" prompt type "prism". You'll be asked for your name and PIN. (If you don't have a PIN, check with your manager, who can help interface with HR to get one.)
  3. Type "select faculty/staff directory" and press the Enter key.
  4. Type "entry" and press the Enter key to modify your directory information.
  5. Follow the directions. Take this time to update your on- and off-campus addresses and phone numbers if needed, as well as your e-mail address. Maybe now is a good time to start using the "@stanford.edu" address you set up a week or two ago...
  6. Note that you can decide if you want your home address and phone number listed in the directory or not.
  7. One of the few things on this screen that you cannot change is your position (title). Too bad....
  8. Once you have completed making your changes, type "send" and press the Enter key.
  9. Type logoff and press the Enter key to exit out of the Forsythe system.
  10. It will take three to five days for your updated information to appear in Whois.
-- submitted by Olivia Williamson


SLSA is working on putting together a slate for next year's board elections. We need enthusiastic people to help the Association continue to put on quality programming and special events! We are seeking interested staff members to step forward for the following positions:

  • President (1 year term)
  • Vice President-President Elect and Program Chair (2 year term)
  • Member at Large (2 year term)
Nominations or Questions:
Andy Eisenberg, ASNBG@leland.Stanford.EDU,725-0807 or
Jenn Stringer, jenn@stanford.edu, 723-5853
-- submitted by Jenn Stringer


Some library services will be disrupted during the week of June 12-19, 1998. Old carpeting will be torn up and new carpeting will be installed in the public areas of the library.

Although Lane Library will remain open, parts of it will not be available. There will be very limited photocopying. Only two copy machines will be available.

-- submitted by Sarah Burton


SUL/AIR has the following open positions for this week:

University Manager II

Administrative Associate V

Library Specialist I

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

Please send future submissions to SUL/AIR News to:

SUL/AIR News is an electronic publication of Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources issued weekly. Copy deadline is 5:00 Tuesday. Submit items for publication to news@sulmail.stanford.edu.
Editor for SUL: Sarah Williamson, sarahcw@sulmail.stanford.edu
Editor for AIR and HR: Eleanor Brown, eabrown@leland.stanford.edu