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June 26, 1998

NOTE: SUL/AIR News will not be published next week because Friday, July 3 is a University holiday.

  1. Summer Construction at the Connection Between Green Library West and Green Library East
  2. Discount Tickets for Lively Arts Event on July 3
  3. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities
  4. Next Question, Please...And the Answer Is...


Beginning on Monday June 29th, you will see signs of work targeted for this summer that will impact the areas on each floor of Green Library East at the connection to Green Library West. The planned work involves cutting through existing walls to create the designed connections at each level. This will allow easier movement between the two buildings and include a vertical cut through several floors of Green Library East so that a seismic expansion joint can be placed between the two structures. This construction was scheduled for the summer months, a time when noise, disruption from altered traffic patterns, and lack of access to certain spaces would have the least impact. We anticipate that various elements of this work will take until mid- or late-September and will be completed before the beginning of the 1998-99 academic year.

Don Intersimone and I are working with each staff group directly affected by the construction work, but several general impacts of the project are worth noting here.

  1. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Levels of Green Library East, temporary partitions will be built at the interface to Green Library West to enclose the construction work and help with both dust and noise problems. In some cases, these enclosures will necessitate alternate routes of travel through the building. Signs will direct both staff and readers accordingly. Of significant note in this regard, the "staff elevator" in the corridor between Green Library East and Green Library West may not operate to the 2nd and 3rd Levels of Green Library East during a significant portion of the project.

  2. Beginning sometime next week, the Ida Green Conference Room will be unavailable for the remainder of the summer. Marty Smith (martys@sulmail, 5-8333) from the University Librarians' offices will be contacting those who have standing times or scheduled meetings in the conference room during the next few months; she will help reschedule the meetings to alternate spaces. If you have ideas for relocating summer meetings to spaces within your own areas or other creative thoughts about meeting locations, please help Marty out by making those suggestions.

  3. You should expect that there will be noise and some vibration associated with this project throughout the summer. We are working with the construction folks to schedule as much of the noisy work as possible for early morning hours, before staff and readers are in the building. However, the volume and required sequence of such work will mean that it cannot be completely confined to those times.

We will be sending out regular updates throughout the summer, as the work progresses. If you have questions or problems related to these projects and their impact, please contact Marty Smith (martys@sulmail, 5-8333). She will coordinate a fast response from Don, me or others as needed.

Thank you in advance for your help and tolerance through this phase of what is indeed real and visible progress toward our reoccupation of Green Library West!

-- submitted by Kären Nagy


Human Resources Services and Stanford Lively Arts have again made discount tickets available to Stanford faculty and staff for the Annual Pre-Independence Day Concert at Frost Amphitheater on July 3. The concert, featuring the San Jose Symphony Orchestra, begins at 7:30 p.m. Gates open two hours before the performance. Tickets are specially priced for Stanford faculty and staff at $12 for adults, $10 for students and $5 for children ages 15 and under. Audience members requesting chairs should add $3 to ticket prices.

Discount tickets are available at the Ticket Office at Tresidder Union, (415) 725-ARTS. The discount is available to all Stanford faculty and staff, including employees of SLAC and the Alumni Association. A Stanford I.D. card is required for purchase. The limit per I.D. is 2 adult and 2 child or student tickets.

--reprinted from June 19 issue of the "ITSS Digest"


SUL/AIR has the following open positions for this week:

Computing Information Systems Analyst, Senior

Computing Information Systems Analyst, Principal

Administrative Associate IV

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

4. NEXT QUESTION, PLEASE...And The Answer Is...

The question was:

"In my ethics class, we were discussing rules of action and the Categorical Imperative, and my prof. quoted Henry Fielding as having written something like: 'We write Rules and Laws, we invent Philosophies, we pronounce Dogmas, but Nothing is finally and truly Good except Good-Nature.' Did he write anything like this and where can I find it?"

And the answer is:

It turns out that, like many reference questions, this one doesn't have AN answer...

As I noted last week, this was a bit of memory residue left over from my undergraduate days. It would seem to be a memory of a memory. My professor appears to have abstracted a large body of Fielding's writing and thinking into one sentence. My memory has no doubt abstracted it even further. Barry Hinman pointed out that Fielding wrote a poem called "Of Good-Nature"; I also discovered that "Good-Nature" was the subject of more than one of Fielding's journalistic essays. Following footnotes from these essays, one discovers that Fielding's masterwork, TOM JONES, was an extended comic analysis of the nature of Good-Nature and of its constant war with the ways and rules of a respectable hypocrisy. Indeed, the essence of Fielding's imagination was formed around this idea: All that's best in human nature [that is, "Good-Nature"] is in no way incompatible with wit and good humor. I can't think of a better "Last Dance Reference Question" for Joanne Hoffman: It has no final answer, but it's what life is all about.

Good-bye, Joanne--from all of us, with love. We'll miss your good nature.

-- submitted by Eric Heath

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