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March 12, 1999

  1. Retirement of Socrates I
  2. SLSA Event: Yahoo!
  3. Laszlo Horvath Retiring
  4. New Cataloger for Middle East Materials at Hoover
  5. Jackson Library Vacancy Announcement
  6. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


The following article about the retirement of Socrates I will appear in the Spring Quarter issue of the Speaking of Computers newsletter (scheduled for distribution the week of March 29). Please note that the article refers users with comments, questions, and/or concerns to me, as Chair of the Reference and Instructional Services Committee (RISC), or to any Stanford librarian. Local librarians who think that they cannot field these questions should refer patrons to their local RISC member or to me. (See attached list of RISC members.) We will be putting a similar article in the Stanford Report shortly.

Please note that this article officially launches our campaign to educate and train ourselves and our user community in using Socrates II. RISC is working hard to manage the transition and to outline changes to Socrates II that are needed before Socrates I is eliminated. I strongly encourage all of you to begin using Socrates II as the catalog of record (even given its current limitations) so that you can become experts in advance of the changeover and can help us identify features that will present problems for our users.

Please feel free to contact me, or any member of RISC, if you have questions. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions, and will keep you posted as we proceed.

RISC Membership:

SUL/AIR: Ann Latta (Cub), Barry Hinman (Spec Coll), Jeff Merriman (RITS), Barbara Sawka (Music), Liz Green (Info Center), Grace Baysinger (Chem), Joan Krasner (Access Services), Jon Lavigne (Systems), Kathy Kerns (Info Center), Olivia Williamson (RITS), Phil Schreur (Cataloging), Vitus Tang (Cataloging), Stella Otta (Chem)

Coordinates: Reggie Wallen (Law), Marilyn Tinsley (Lane), Molly Molloy (Hoover), Bryan McCann (GSB)


The Stanford University Libraries are planning to retire Socrates I, scheduled for Fall Quarter 1999. The first online catalog used by the Stanford campus, Socrates I is a SPIRES-based mainframe application, developed at Stanford and rolled out during the early 1980s. Its successor, Socrates II, is a Web-based client-server application, still under development but available for use by the Stanford community at http://www-sul.stanford.edu/search/socii/.

C-Lib, the Academic Council Committee on Libraries has approved this change. Among the factors involved in the decision about Socrates I are the prohibitive costs of maintaining two systems as well as the rapidly-growing divergence in content between the Socrates I and Socrates II databases. The library group charged with making sure that Socrates II will meet the needs of the Stanford community, and that a character-based alternative will be available, is the Reference and Instructional Services Committee, chaired by Jennie Nicolayev (jnn@sulmail.stanford.edu).

Users are invited to send suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns directly to Ms. Nicolayev or to any librarian at any of the campus libraries. Within Socrates II, there is also a "Tell Us" button for users who wish to make specific comments about Socrates II.

--submitted by Jennie Nicolayev


Come and hear Anne Callery talk about Yahoo!, where she has worked for a few years. Anne worked at Lane Medical Library before she joined Yahoo! Cookies, fruit, and drinks will be provided.

Location and Time: Wednesday, March 17, noon-1:00 p.m., Meyer Room 184

For more details about this and other upcoming SLSA events, please go to:


--submitted by James Liu


Laszlo Horvath, who has worked as a cataloger at the Hoover Institution since 1974, has announced his retirement effective on Friday, March 18.

Laszlo earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees from San Jose State and his M.L.S. from Berkeley, and worked in the SUL Catalog Department prior to coming to Hoover. While at Hoover, Laszlo was primarily responsible for cataloging our Latin American collection, but he also spent considerable time cataloging our Hungarian and West European materials and even helping out with our Africana.

He was our jack-of-all-trades cataloger, and his cataloging talents and linguistic skills will be missed. As our Latin American specialist, he realized our rich treasure of materials on and by the Perons and in 1988 published a checklist of Hoover Peron holdings entitled "Peronism and the three Perons". It was followed in 1993 by "A Half Century of Peronism, 1943-1993: an international bibliography".

Laszlo and his wife have just finished building a home in Pacific Grove and they are anxious to try it out. We'll see if Laszlo, after a quarter century of work at Stanford and Hoover, can slow down and enjoy the scenery of his new neighborhood. We wish him well and hope his retirement is fulfilling and happy.

--submitted by Paul Thomas


We would like to welcome and announce the arrival of Muhammad al-Faruque, Hoover's new cataloger for Middle East materials. After an international search, we are pleased to have enticed Muhammad away from his teaching position in the Department of History and Civilization at the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

Although he was teaching in Malaysia, Muhammad is a Canadian citizen from Toronto where he earned his Ph.D. (Middle Eastern history) and a Masters of Information Studies. In addition to an M.A. in Middle Eastern history from Toronto, he holds an M.A. in Islamic history and culture from the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh). Muhammad worked as a professional librarian in the Catalog Department at the University of Toronto (Middle East cataloger) before taking the position in Malaysia, where he taught both history and librarianship. He has knowledge of a half dozen languges, including Arabic, Persian, Bengali, and Urdu. He has published several articles on Islamic history and has been active in the Middle East Studies Association of North America.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have acquired Muhammad's many talents and engaging personality, which will enable him to fit in easily with the rest of the Hoover staff.

--submitted by Paul Thomas


Jackson Library has a position posted for a Cataloging Librarian at the academic staff rank of an Assistant Librarian or Associate Librarian. Applications for this position will be accepted until the position is filled. For a full description, check the Web page at


--submitted by Kent Abbott


SUL/AIR has the following new open positions this week.

Lane Library Bibliographic Access Manager

Lane Library Computing Information Systems Analyst

Lane Library Computing Information Systems Analyst

GSB Assistant Bibliographer/Research Librarian

Administrative Associate III

Computer Resource Associate

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

Please send future submissions to SUL/AIR News to:

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