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March 19, 1999

  1. 14K Dial-in Service Ends
  2. Law Library Vacancy Announcement
  3. Hoover Institution Vacancy Announcement
  4. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


On Monday, March 22, Stanford's 14Kbps dial-in service will be removed from service. As announced during Autumn Quarter, the higher-speed Central Modem Pool at (650) 325-1010 has been phased in to replace 498-1440; it will be the University's only central dial-in modem service.

The 325-1010 dial-in service supports users with modems from 9600bps (V.32) up to the "56K" type; it has the capacity to support many more calls than its predecessor.

During Spring Quarter, Communication and Networking Services (CNS) will change the modem pool equipment to provide support for V.90, a "56K" communication protocol that modem manufacturers standardized late last year. Dial-in users who purchased "56K" type modems within the last few months should already be equipped with the standardized V.90 protocol. Those who purchased earlier "56K" models may also be able to take advantage of this faster protocol by obtaining the latest firmware and driver/settings files from their modem manufacturer's Web or FTP site. (These updates are software files that can convert a particular modem model from X2, Kflex or early V.90 to the final V.90 standard. There is some risk in updating a modem, so owners of modems that already work well with the 56Kflex protocol Stanford currently supports need not upgrade to V.90. Stanford expects to support both 56Kflex and V.90 simultaneouly.)

The FCC limits the (downstream) connection speed to 53Kbps; actual speeds vary depending on line conditions and other factors. Variables such as distance from your local telephone company's central office, noise on the line, the modem's tolerance for noisy lines, and additional equipment on the home phone wire can limit the connection speed.

For more information about the 325-1010 dial-in service, including links to dialing software and set-up instructions, visit the CNS remote access updates Web page. For extensive information about "56k" modems, see http://www.56k.com/.

--reprinted from the March 12 issue of the ITSS Digest


Robert Crown Law Library has a position posted for a Catalog Librarian at the academic staff rank of Assistant Librarian or Associate Librarian. Applications for this position will be accepted until the position is filled. For a full description, click on the position title under employment at:


--submitted by Kathy Winzer


The Hoover Institution has a position posted for an Original Cataloger at the academic staff rank of an Assistant Librarian or Associate Librarian. Applications received by April 16, 1999 will receive first consideration. For a full description, check the Web page at:


--submitted by Paul Thomas


SUL/AIR has the following new open positions this week.

GSB Cataloging Librarian

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

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