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March 3, 2000

  1. 24-Hour Access to First Floor of Meyer Library
  2. Rate Increase for Local Directory Assistance
  3. Isabel Simpson
  4. Byra Wreden
  5. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities

1. 24-Hour Access to First Floor of Meyer Library

Beginning next Monday, March 6, the first floor of Meyer Library will be open 24 hours a day. This includes the group study room in the central area of the first floor (which now includes soft seating, study tables and chairs, and network access via Ethernet ports) and the individual study room (which was previously referred to as the 24 Hour Study Room, and has individual study carrels).

Note that this does NOT include access to the classrooms on the first floor, the Academic Computing services (computer clusters, labs, and classrooms) on the second floor, or staff offices on the third and fourth floors. Those areas will be open according to the Meyer Library Hours for Academic Year 1999/2000, as indicated on the Web at


--submitted by Eleanor Brown


On March 22, 2000, the charge for LOCAL directory assistance calls (i.e., calls placed to 9-411) will increase from 25 cents to 46 cents per call. This change is the result of a recent rate increase by Pacific Bell that the California Public Utilities Commission approved for directory assistance calls. The rate increase does not affect directory assistance calls for other areas (i.e., calls placed to XXX-555-1212), which are still charged 90 cents per call.

--submitted by Roy Stampfli


This past weekend, Maria Isabel Simpson passed away after a recurring battle with cancer. Isabel joined the Technical Services staff at Stanford in August of 1980 after receiving her library technician certificate from Foothill College. She began her career as a search and data entry specialist for the Catalog Department's Deferred Analytics and Early American History Projects. In 1987, Isabel was promoted to copy cataloger (LSIII) in the Catalog Department's Copy Cataloging Section. With 1996 came the redesign of Technical Services during which Isabel assumed a critical role as part of the experimental Pre-cataloging Classification Specialist Section. The Class Unit, as it is now known, was both unique in the United States and a pivotal element in the redesign process. Team members needed to be cutting edge, flexible, and, most importantly, productive. Isabel's contribution to the team helped ensure the Unit's success during those first, critical years. Isabel's final promotion was to the position of Complex Copy Cataloger for the Catalog Department. By moving her into this position, we were able to take advantage of Isabel's many years of cataloging experience and direct them towards the processing of difficult material, such as microforms, and material with complicated copy in need of careful review.

During her years with the Catalog Department, Isabel made many close friends within Technical Services. We are all deeply saddened by her passing. She leaves behind a family of friends and colleagues that will not soon forget her. As a recent member of the Catalog Department, I have only been able to work with Isabel since her days with the Class Unit. From the first, I was struck by her intelligence, grace, and spiritual presence. Isabel's calm and methodical approach to her work helped us through many an unstable moment. The difficulty in replacing her many skills goes without saying. As a being she is irreplaceable, but will remain with us in cherished reminiscences and a legacy of work well done.

--submitted by Philip Schreur


Byra Wreden, longtime Stanford Libraries’ friend, volunteer and benefactor, passed away March 1. As part of a team with her husband, the late William P. Wreden, and then on her own, Byra made many significant contributions to the bibliophilic life of the Stanford community. Stanford students, faculty, staff, and library friends owe a deep debt of gratitude to Byra for her dedication and commitment to the world of the printed word.

Byra Wreden was born Byra Jean Smith in Spokane, Washington in 1915. She was educated in California at Burlingame High School and San Mateo Junior College. Interested in books from her childhood, Byra’s voyage into the book world began in earnest with her marriage to William P. Wreden on August 1, 1936. William P. Wreden Books & Manuscripts, Inc. was founded in 1937, but the business was truly launched in 1938, when a buying trip to England netted some 60 packing cases full of rare books. Byra accompanied Bill on that first buying trip and on many subsequent ones around the world.

Byra became a collector herself on that first trip to England when Bill purchased two Kate Greenaway books that she had owned as a child. Besides collecting Kate Greenaway books and drawings, Byra also collected dolls, fans, miniature books, and Reward of Merit cards.

In addition to running a successful rare book business, Byra and Bill made time in their busy lives to raise five children and participate in community activities. A founding member of the Associates of the Stanford University Libraries and longtime board member (including a term as chair), Byra found her particular niche as an inspired planner of educational programs. Over the years she assembled a parade of rich and diverse activities for the edification and enjoyment of ASUL members and the wider Stanford community. She was well known among Bay Area bibliophiles for organizing outstanding book-oriented trips in the United States and Britain.

Byra was a truly uncommon volunteer and benefactor. She carried on the traditions she and Bill established of supporting the growth of library collections and gave ceaselessly of her time and energy to build and nurture the Stanford library community. On occasion she was referred to as "Lady ASUL," and described as one of the wonders of the Stanford University Libraries. Byra Wreden’s generosity of time and spirit was a gift to the Stanford Libraries and the Associates that will long be celebrated and cherished. She will be much missed by her many friends at Stanford and beyond.

--submitted by Michael Keller


SUL/AIR has the following new open positions this week.

Library Specialist (2/28/00); REQ# J000482

Library Specialist (2/28/00); REQ# J000484

Administrative Associate (2/28/00); REQ# J000526

Library Specialist (3/6/00); REQ# J000582

Computing Info Systems Analyst (2/28/00); REQ# J000491

Systems Software Developer (2/28/00); REQ# J000511

Rare Book Librarian (3/1/00); Position #69

Head of the Green Library Information Center (3/1/00); Position #70

Computing Info Systems Analyst (3/6/00); REQ# J000577

For a complete description of these jobs and a list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site at:

Human Resources Web site.

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