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March 31, 2000

  1. Enhancements to Socrates Continue
  2. Photocopy Services
  3. Scholars' Workshops
  4. Sonia Moss Departs
  5. Interlibrary Services in Transition
  6. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


Last Sunday, in the wee hours of the morning, Web-based Socrates was updated with the latest set of enhancements. Those enhancements are:

  1. For libraries on the Unicorn system, material in a non-circulating library location (e.g. Education - Reference), will display as non-circulating in the "status" field of the OPAC, upon request of the Library. This means users will be able to tell from the catalog lookup whether an item circulates. Libraries who have locations they would like designated as non-circulating in the OPAC, should send Jennie Nicolayev relevant information.

  2. Searches can now be limited by any of the approximately 600 language codes available in our catalog. This can only be done in the expert search screen. Type "help language" in the command field for instructions. Please note that because of underlying Unicorn functionality, limiting by language yields both material which is written in another language but also material which has summaries in another language, parallel text in another language, and translations in another language.

  3. In the expert mode, the cursor now automatically resides in the input field so that a user doesn't have to manually place it.

  4. Hopkins library stack materials can now be paged out of the OPAC. You'll see a "Page this item" tag on any Hopkins/stacks item that is available for paging. This functionality is only available for libraries using the Unicorn system.

  5. "Request new title" is now available from the Socrates introductory screen.

  6. "Next" and "Previous" buttons have been added to the brief hit list in the expert mode screens.

RISC is currently working on making cross references available as well as the functionality. None of the above would be possible without Jon Lavigne's tireless efforts and good humor.

--submitted by Jennie Nicolayev


Updated information about the new photocopy services program is now available on the SUL/AIR Web site via a link from the What's New section and directly at the following URL:


--submitted by Donna Hjertberg


A new series of Scholars' Workshops featuring electronic information resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences starts again April 5 and continues through the Spring Quarter. The workshops are designed for researchers, but are open to all the Stanford community. Join us Wednesdays from 4-5 in Green Library. No registration is required.


  • April 5
    Socrates for Scholars
    Advanced searching techniques for finding
    materials in the Stanford collections.
    Location: IC Instruction Room
    Instructor: Liz Green

  • April 12
    Much More Than an Old Wine/ New Bottle Scenario
    Getting the most of the Oxford English Dictionary Online Edition.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructor: Glen Worthey

  • April 19
    Critical Social Issues
    A guide to electronic resources on abortion,
    capital punishment, and euthanasia.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructor: Tony Angiletta

  • April 26
    Adventures in Archives
    An introduction to archival access tools.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructor: Maggie Kimball

  • May 3
    U.S. Congress
    Basics on finding information by and about
    your representatives.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructor: Joan Loftus

  • May 10
    Public Opinion
    Locating data, polls, and surveys.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructors: Paul Zarins, Dick Fitchen

  • May 17
    Where the "Grrls" Are: Women's Studies Online
    An introduction to electronic resources.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructor: Kathy Kerns

  • May 24
    GIS & Spatial Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
    See how Geographic Information Systems software
    and new statistical methods can help you
    visualize and analyze spatial data in your research
    and instruction.
    Location: SSRC Multimedia
    Instructors: Social Sciences Data Service & Statistical
    Software Support staff


All workshops are Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. in Green Library. The SSRC Multimedia Room is in the Social Sciences Resource Center on the first floor of the Bing Wing, room 121A; the IC Instruction Room is on the first floor of the East Wing, room 166.

For more information, please contact Liz Green at (650) 725-1058 or emgreen@sulmail.stanford.edu. A calendar is also available on the Web at:


--submitted by Liz Green


It's with a great deal of regret that we will say good-bye to Sonia Moss next Tuesday; Sonia has accepted a position as the Borrowing Specialist at the Law Library where she will also be doing reference work. Sonia has been with Interlibrary Services since July of 1981 and over the years has become an invaluable resource to the faculty and graduate students on campus, especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Many a book and doctoral dissertation carries public acknowledgment of the assistance she has provided in finding material not owned at Stanford. We wish Sonia all the best in her new position.

--submitted by Jennie Nicolayev & Naheed Zaheer


Rob Daigle, Operations Manager of the Information Center has added Interlibrary Services to his operational kingdom. In his capacity as Operations Manager, Rob will oversee the day to day work of ILL and ILB as well as the operational needs of the IC. During the following weeks, while we go through the process of hiring a new Borrowing Specialist, Rob and other IC/ILS staff will be doing everything they can to keep requests moving through in a timely fashion. Please remember to direct users to the RLCP program for material unavailable at Stanford but available at Berkeley (eligible users are faculty, grads, academic staff). If you have questions or concerns please direct them to Rob at rdaigle@leland or 5-6243.

--submitted by Jennie Nicolayev


Library Specialist (3/27/00); REQ# J000769
Portal Monitor (3/27/00); REQ# J000854

For a complete description of these jobs and a list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site at:

Human Resources Web site.

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