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May 29, 1998

  1. Claim Your Name!
  2. SUL/AIR Advisory Council: 1998 Meeting
  3. SUL/AIR Coffee Kiosk Opens
  4. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


There are many e-mail hosts on campus - the Leland Systems, sulmail, Forsythe, gsb, and so on. Sometimes it's hard to remember which server a person is using, and you can end up sending messages that bounce. You may have seen people using addresses that don't have a hostname, like "olivia@stanford.edu", and wondered how they managed that. Well, you can have your own "@stanford.edu" address, too.

You see, olivia@stanford.edu isn't a real e-mail account: it's an alias. When you send a message to me there, it gets sent on to my real e-mail account at sulmail. But it's an easier address to remember, so I use it whenever I tell people off-campus how to contact me (and a lot of people on campus, too).

Here's how to set up your own "@stanford.edu" aliases. You should do it: the name is reserved for you, but isn't turned on automatically. If you don't, it's just a wasted name.

Go to the SUNet ID home page. (This is the same page you used to create your SUNet ID.) Click on "Review/Change my SUNet ID settings". If you are using PC-Leland or MacLeland, you should be immediately taken to the SUNet ID Maintenance page. If not, you will need to authenticate yourself through the WebLogin process (follow the directions). The Maintenance page is useful - note that you can change your password here by clicking on the "Password" button. But for now, click on the "Email/Name forms" button.

There are several settings on this page: read through the instructions carefully. Basically, you want to check the boxes that set up the "yourlelandaccount@stanford.edu" alias for you. You can also set up some variants of your name that will also work as "@stanford.edu" addresses (like, "olivia.williamson@stanford.edu"). If you check any boxes on this page, make sure that you also fill in the "Real E-mail Address" section at the bottom - this insures that mail sent to the addresses on this page actually goes somewhere!

Click the "Continue" button when you are finished. You will return to the maintenance page, where you can double-check on your aliases. Before you give out your "@stanford.edu" address to others, be sure to send a message to yourself using that address, and make sure that it works properly.

-- submitted by Olivia Williamson


The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources Advisory Council is composed of a membership which is selected from a wide representation of library and information science interests from business, education, and government. Members are appointed by an advisory to the President of the University, and the University Librarian and Director of Academic Information Resources. The Council assists by promoting SUL/AIR and providing new points of view from distinguished persons outside the University.

The Council met on campus last Friday and Saturday, May 22 and 23. AC members attending this year's meeting were:

Andreas Bechtolsheim, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Harold W. Billings, University of Texas at Austin
Floyd E. Bloom, The Scripps Research Institute
Victor Guerra-Ortiz, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
William A. Halter, OMB, Washington, DC
Walter B. Hewlett
Susan M. Kornfield, Bodman, Longley & Dahling, LLP
Deanna B. Marcum, Council on Library & Information Resources
Anthony A. Newcomb, UC Berkeley (Saturday only)
James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania
Ann Okerson, Yale University Library
Norris Pope, Stanford University Press
Karin Wittenborg, University of Virginia

The main agenda items brought before the Council and the names of those presenting and those invited to speak or be on hand to answer questions are on the Web.

-- submitted by Sarah Williamson


In case anyone missed it, here's a reminder that the SUL/AIR Coffee Kiosk, run by Moon Bean's Café, opened Tuesday May 26. Library staff, students and hourly employees may use their free drink vouchers at the kiosk through June 2nd.

Jennie and Brian Reynolds of Moon Bean's report a brisk business at the kiosk so far, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the damp and cool weather. Next Monday will be the kiosk's official Grand Opening, featuring a number of specials and incentives offered by Moon Bean's, and including a visit (so we are told) by a certain marching band to liven things up. Check at the kiosk for full details.

-- submitted by Sarah Williamson


SUL/AIR has the following open positions for this week:

Library Specialist I

Library Specialist II

SLAC Administrative Associate V

SLAC UNIX-SPIRES Databases Manager

For a complete list of all current SUL/AIR jobs, visit the Human Resources Web site.

Please send future submissions to SUL/AIR News to:

SUL/AIR News is an electronic publication of Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources issued weekly. Copy deadline is 5:00 Tuesday. Submit items for publication to news@sulmail.stanford.edu.
Editor for SUL: Sarah Williamson, sarahcw@sulmail.stanford.edu
Editor for AIR and HR: Eleanor Brown, eabrown@leland.stanford.edu