SUL/AIR News: October 15, 1999

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October 15, 1999

  1. Jeff Pudewell Departs Stanford
  2. Hoover East Asia Records Now Available in Socrates on the Web
  3. Hoover New Arrivals
  4. Sixth Annual Fall Clean-up Event
  5. Social Security Statement: The Future Is in Your Hands
  6. Flu Shots Available at Cowell, Benefits Fairs
  7. WorkLife Seminar: Legal Issues and Your Aging Parent
  8. SUL/AIR Job Opportunities


Friends, I regret to announce my departure from Stanford University. As many of you know, my family resides near Sacramento and I have commuted to the Bay Area for many years, first to Berkeley, then to Stanford. Following the successful conclusion of Fiscal Year 1999, I have decided to pursue opportunities closer to home. This will enable me to spend more time with my grade-school aged children and get more involved in local community activities.

I will miss Stanford University and the many fine colleagues and friends I have here. I will also miss the exciting and ambitious projects that many of you are working on. I would like to thank you for your support while I have been at Stanford, and offer my best wishes for your continuing success.

--submitted by Jeff Pudewell


Approximately 73,000 records for the Hoover East Asia Chinese and Japanese collections were loaded to Unicorn from RLIN on 9/25/99, and are now available in Socrates on the Web.

The initial load includes all in-process and cataloged records existing in RLIN with the library identifier "CSUO" as of 5/20/99. New and updated records will be loaded on a monthly basis, beginning as soon as Systems is able to complete the necessary programming.

Each record has one call number and copy, with the location code: ASK@EASIA. Additional call numbers/copies and volume holdings information appear in the "RLIN-HOLD" tag.

In-process records can be identified by the type of call number, either an auto-generated Unicorn call number in the form XX(4165826.1), or the string "IN-PROCESS."

To browse by call number, select library = East Asian, and call number type = As Is. There is a known problem with call numbers containing backslashes. They are not indexed in Browse call number. This problem has been reported to SIRSI, and a fix will be delivered in the next release of Unicorn, 99.3.

The CJK records appear in Socrates without the vernacular fields. The intent is to reload the records once the conversion from Wade-Giles to pinyin, takes place sometime in the year 2000. At that point, it may be feasible to retain the vernacular data, and to make other adjustments, for example to the format of holdings information.

--submitted by Rita Lunnon


The Hoover Institution Library is pleased to announce the arrival of two new professional librarians to its staff, both of whom have shown their mettle simply by being able to find housing in the Bay Area.

Margaret Hughes joined our Catalog Department the first of September. Margaret will have primary responsibility for cataloging Africana, although one can never tell when she may be called on to help out with other materials. Margaret holds both a BA and MA in anthropology from Kent State University where she wrote her master's thesis on the Nigerian civil war. She also pursued a Ph.D. in anthropology (doing field work in Kumasi, Ghana) at the University of Pittsburgh where she completed everything but her dissertation. Margaret's MLIS is also from the University of Pittsburgh, and it was at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh where Margaret worked in the catalog department before accepting our position. Margaret has been active professionally. Currently she is a member of the New Members Round Table of ALA and an intern in the ALCTS Serials Section Education Committee. Last year, she was the recipient of a 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant to attend the ALA annual conference in New Orleans.

While Margaret may not replace completely our previous Africana cataloger who was rather eccentric, we welcome her with the assurance that she will become an excellent and integral member of our staff for years to come. In her short time with us, she has already become a welcome and well-liked part of our staff.

The first of October saw the beginning of a new era in the Hoover Serials Department. Reeta Sinha, our new Head of Serials, joins us from Emory University in Atlanta where she was Head of Collection Management in the Health Sciences Library. Previous to that, Reeta was Director of Serials for the Houston Academy of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center Library, where she had begun her career as an acquisitions assistant. Reeta has her BA in geography from the University of Minnesota, coursework in the MBA program at the University of Houston, a Master's of Public Health from the University of Texas, and her MLS from the University of North Texas. Reeta also has been active professionally, and indeed it was at a NASIG meeting that our very own Christa Easton made this position at Hoover seem so irresistible.

After having searched for over a year to find the appropriate candidate, it is especially amazing to have found and brought in someone who has extensive Unicorn experience (she planned and managed migrations to Unicorn at both Houston and Emory) on top of everything else she brings us. Everyone at Hoover looks forward to having someone with Reeta's extensive experience and sweet disposition heading up our Serials Department.

--submitted by Paul Thomas


The Sixth Annual Fall Clean-up Event, coordinated by University Facilities Operations, will be held from October 18-29, 1999.

The pickup date for Green Library, Meyer Library, Sweet Hall, and Cubberley (Zone C) falls on Friday, October 22, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Specific collection points are shown on maps located on the Facilities Operations homepage. Click on the banner at the top of the page.

Collection dates and locations in other Zones also appear on this Web site.

This will be a golden opportunity to throw away non-hazardous waste, broken lamps, and general trash from storage rooms and workspaces. This year, however, capital equipment items will NOT be included.

Recycling is encouraged, and includes mixed paper, and flattened cardboard. Bulky items such as broken chairs and file cabinets may also be trashed. Your department should make arrangements for collecting such items with Library Facilities staff (Dennis Cruzada or Kathy Fehrn), no later than Tuesday, October 19.

--submitted by Kathy Fehrn


In October 1999, the Social Security Administration will begin mailing Social Security Statements (formerly known as the Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement) to all workers age 25 and older who are not already receiving monthly Social Security benefits.

You can expect to receive your Statement each year about three months before your birth month. For example, if your birthday falls in February, you can expect to receive your Social Security Statement in November. The 4-page Social Security Statement is intended to help you plan your financial future by providing estimates of the monthly Social Security retirement, disability and survivors benefits you and your family could be eligible to receive now and in the future. The Statement will remind you that Social Security is the foundation on which to build a more secure future.

The information in the Social Security Statement also will provide you with an easy way to determine whether your earnings (or self-employment income) are accurately reported and recorded on your Social Security record. Making sure the name and Social Security Number your employer has on record matches your Social Security card is the best way to ensure earnings will be accurately posted. That's important because the amount of your future benefits will be based on your Social Security earnings record. The Statement will tell you how to correct inaccurately recorded earnings.

In addition to helping plan your retirement, these are other ways to use your Social Security Statement:

* Plan your financial security for today and tomorrow by knowing the amounts of Social Security benefits that could be available to you and your family if you become disabled.

* Determine whether you have sufficient insurance to protect your survivors if you die.

* See how your potential Social Security benefits fit in with your investments and savings.

For more information about Social Security benefits, call or visit your local Social Security office, call this toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213, or visit this Web site:

reprinted from the October 8, 1999 issue of the ITSS Digest


Influenza vaccines will be available at Cowell Student Health Service every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m., beginning Oct. 12 through Dec. 7. Vaccines also will be available to staff only at the benefits fairs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 1, at Fairchild Auditorium and on Thursday, Nov. 4, at Tresidder Union.

All employees, especially those over 60 or with chronic conditions (including heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, severe anemia and conditions that compromise the immune system, such as cancer), are encouraged to receive the vaccine. The vaccine will not be given to individuals with a severe cold or other infection, or an allergy to eggs. Pregnant women need medical clearance from their obstetrician.

University employees with a Stanford ID will not be charged; spouses/domestic partners will be charged $18. The term "employees" refers to faculty, staff, emeritus faculty, retired staff, medical school and research faculty and staff, but does not include UCSF Stanford Health Care employees. The fee is $18 for students and their spouses/domestic partners; $10 for students enrolled in Cardinal Care.

--reprinted from the October 6, 1999 issue of the Stanford Report


The WorkLife Office would like to invite you to attend the following workshop:

Legal Issues and Your Aging Parent
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999
Time: 12:00- 1:00 PM
Location: Cypress South, Tresidder Union
Leader: Matthew C. O'Donnell, J.D.

Do you have questions about legal issues concerning your aging parent? Join a discussion about planning for your parent's long term care wishes and protecting their assets.

Please RSVP to Carol Skladany at 723-2660 or carols@leland

--submitted by Sheilaugh Sebastian


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